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Private Mentorship 

Be the you, you were born to be 

We all are born with the natural ability to experience EPIC PLEASURE and EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, just the chances are most of us haven’t been taught how to unlock this within ourselves yet. Now we are entering a new phase in our sexual evolution and you no longer have to embark on this journey on your own, in 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions I am here to join forces with you on your journey of self-discovery.

Typically, we will spend 3 months of exploration together where we will break through any past trauma, patterns and emotional blockages holding you back from your desires. During each session you will become empowered to take charge of your own responses, use your intuition and make significant changes that you desire.


This journey is deeply personal and you will learn tools that you can ‘holla’ upon for the rest of your life.

Our pleasure is within us.....we just have to polish off the dust and shake it alive! 

As human's we have an incredible amount of intelligence within us and the will power that shines through to get what we desire can be strong and often persistant, thats probably why your here because you have that fire in you that knows there's more to be had from life. 

You have that deep wisdom inside that knows there's another way to experience a deeper feeling of love in your life, another way to feel deep connection in your relationships, another way to feel sexier and alive than you currently do.

For most of us its hard to find this way on our own. 

We all want to have that 'fuck yaaaaaaassssssss' moment that connects us to the life we truly desire and deserve to live.

We KNOW we’re powerful humans and do believe we can make BIG life shifts but we’re STILL stuck in so much of that old stuff.

It can feel like a super shitty place to be in when we feel unfulfilled in our relationships with others and ourselves and when we are left feeling half full. 


What do you know about who you truly are and what you deeply desire?

So what do we do together to get rid of these chronic feelings of shame around your sexuality, the feelings of shut down within your body, the emotional overwhlem, the pain you experience during sex, the half full cup of love you have for your self and your body, the lack of sexual desire, the feeling that you are just not living the intimate relationships we could be or having the EPIC sex you know deep down is possible?

There is a knowing that when you resolve the stuck old stuff and learn the new you will not feel so down, so insecure, or carry that feeling of 'something is wrong with me' any longer. Our sexuality is the root of our power (i mean its the reason we are all here) and by waking this up and tapping into this as the source of our energy there becomes a deep knowing of who we really are inside. 

The shift in people after 10 weeks together is HUGE, it really is incredible what can happen in a short space of time with intention, dedication, focus and a big ass YES, and its a change for their whole live's ahead. 

I see people become alive, i see people feeling so clear on who they are and what they want in their sexuality and life, i see people in love with their bodies, i hear people telling me how much they can now FEEL, i hear the feedback from their partners about how their sex live's and relationship's have entered a new level. 

From my own process in life and through many clients i have worked with i see that the transformation really happens when i we really are able to FACE, FEEL and ACCEPT EVERYTHING that goes on within our bodies and minds. The good, the bad, the damm right ugly. The discomfort of the FEAR and SADNESS and also allowing ourselves to feel that PURE JOY and BLISS within ourselves at all times. Whatever arises being able to sit with it, welcome it and say a big YES to it provides the opportunity for shifts to take place. 

It isn't always the easy option, many people in life numb out their feelings with distractions of alcohol, drugs, shopping, keeping busy or un integrated sex. 


It takes bravery, commitment and more often that not guidance and support which can sometimes be tough to reach out for. 

It's not easy path to walk, i've walked it many times over but my gosh i would never ever go back.

Life feels richer, relationships take on a new deeper meaning, the confidence in ourselves sky rockets leading to being able to make greater life choices, we start to attract the people we truly want in our lives, we gain a fulfilling sense of belonging in our bodies and in this world and truly experience pure pleasure. 

And if things start to shake up, some crappy thing in life happens that throws us off course we now know how to face it, we no longer turn to numbing out or avoiding ourselves, we welcome it all, we have the tools to support ourselves, we know where to go when we need support and hold the greater knowledge that working through the challenges actually brings greater depth and ultimately freedom and more pleasure to our lives. 

Everything you want to be you already are and your simply on the path of discovering it. 

What will WE DO TOGeTHER?

  • Discover the truth lying deep beneath your emotional stories, habits and ways of being.

  • Learn how to become a master of your emotions so you are always able to be in complete control of your life, desires and relationships.

  • Tap in and connect deeply to your body’s intuition. Learn how to create a relationship with your body’s natural wisdom allowing you to live from your core truth.

  • Recognise the blocks holding you back from your goals, your limiting beliefs and traumas and learn how to conquer them in a fun, healthy, pleasure filled way.

  • Awaken your pleasure pathways and fully step into your true expression of your sexuality through taoist and tantric practise's. 

  • Rediscover the power of breath, open up the blockages in your body releasing tension and trauma and breathe in what is it you truly desire. We combine  the powerful principles of bio dynamic breath work with all our work together.

  • Learn how to re-fire and rewire your neuronal pathways with pleasure.

  • Take steps for you to become visible to the world as a woman who is fully confident in herself. 


  • Discover what you truly desire from life and work through what’s holding you back from living your greatest potential.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you be something else is the greatest accomplishment.


10 weekly x 75 minute bespoke one on one online video sessions, working towards your desires and unblocking whats holding you back. We meet virtually from anywhere in the world so you can experience sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

  • Take home practices tailor made for you so you can transform on a  mind, body and soul level. These practise's provide the opportunity to rewire your whole system and create the transaforamtion you desire. They can include breath work, body work,  meditations, visualisations, jade egg practises, pleasure practises, journaling questions. 

  • An overview of the session via email so you can come back to what we have worked through. 

  • E-mail access to me during the length of our time together. 

  • Weekly follow along audio recordings relating to sessions – with lifelong access.

Part of your healing journey is sharing with other people who care. 

Client Stories

''Angharad helped me to finally conceive.'' 

'' I was feeling completely lost and depressed on my journey trying to conceive for 2 years.

 I had never experienced any of these modalities before and felt nervous but Angharad made me feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. She created a safe space where I felt like I was able to really open up about my emotions in ways I didn't actually realise were possible for me.


The sessions that I had, provided so much more than an opportunity to heal my reproductive organs. They gave me the desperately needed opportunity to release the stress and anxiety I had built up around my situation, that had become so deeply rooted they were subconscious to me. This was critical to my healing and saved me from plunging into severe depression.

5 months on and I've recently had the first scan of my baby. I cant say whether it was the jade egg or the emotional release that worked and honestly who cares , this has literally changed my life forever.''



Action is the foundational key to all success. 

HOW TO take the first steps






Fill out your application form here, it lets me know what    your want to work towards.


Keep an eye on your email, you will receive an email from: hello@angharadowen.com


We will schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult. We’ll spend an hour together getting clear on what you want, what’s in the way, and what’s next. Even if we decide working together isn’t the right fit, you’ll leave with some clarity, resources and a sense of what to do next.


We shall have our chit chat, we shall take the time to make sure we are the perfect fit for each other before you commit. 

Then we work out the perfect time to start and get going on our journey! 

If you have any questions about this process you can also contact me here: 



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