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Hey there!
I'm Angharad....

........the literal translation ‘Much Loved Warrior Goddess’ so subconsciously they did something right! 


Thank you for visiting my website. I’d like to share a little bit about me, so you understand the why behind me doing what I do, and how I believe we MIGHT be able to collaborate to support more people whose lives have been tainted by their suffering from sexual and emotional trauma. 


“I told my story to a new friend the other day and this was his summarised response: 


’So your stepfather sexually abused you, traumatised you and now you’re having the best sex of your life? You got over that? ‘’.


I spent most of my life rather oblivious to the fact that my whole body was carrying around repressed emotions from childhood and the sexual abuse in my cells. 


Little did I know, until I was 18, with my first tumour popping out of my head, that these unreleased emotions were the cause of what was to be a 10-year long journey of repairing a body riddled with dis-ease.


I endured the cancer diagnoses several times, I’ve been wheelchair-bound with horrific arthritis, and I’ve knocked on death’s door more times than a cat with 9 lives, all the root cause - trauma. 


My sexual life was a complete train wreck.  Sex was always for a man’s pleasure, I used to suck up the pain in my vagina for a man’s satisfaction, my view of sex and love was very warped, I felt so uncomfortable in my body due to the cancer surgery scars and having a unhealthy, trauma-based sexuality ruined my life for years. 


At school I had no friends, I couldn’t connect with anyone, I spent break times hiding in the toilets, and I’d constantly run away. I started taking obscene amounts of class a drugs at 12 years old; I tried to commit suicide so many times and I felt so alone that I just wanted out for YEARS AND YEARS and I had no support, no one to guide me through it.


I’m reaching out to you now as I don’t want a single other person to have to endure the pain from trauma any longer when there are solutions that work.

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After being given 6 months to live, 9 if I took chemo (i refused that), I took the compensation I got from falling out of a hot air balloon 100 m above ground and journeyed around to far-flung corners of the world seeking ways to SAVE myself from traumatised SELF! 


From dodgy tantra retreats in North India to putting crystals up my vagina in north Thailand, I discovered some powerful teachings. 


I was blown away by the power and depth of the transformation possible with this combination of work and decided my purpose here on this planet was to bring this in a relatable and accessible way for the modern-day woman.


So, my day to day is now spent guiding women to restore their exquisite wholeness, a pretty cool existence I have to say. 


I teach them how to recognise, accept and release their pain so they can move on from sexual or childhood trauma. 

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I open my virtual living room as a safe space for women to come to express their rage, grief, shame and darkness that limits their life experiences from having their full creative, loving, peaceful expressions.


Once we release the trauma from deep within the nervous system and vagina I support them to raise their nervous system vibration, this literally shifts the frequency of the cells within their body so that they can go on to experience ecstatic pleasure, deep intimacy and ignite their creative power.


It’s pretty epic to watch while they move forward to the magnificent lives they always wanted and DESERVE.


Here’s what one client said: 


        ''In 10 years of therapy, I have never found anything as transforming as the embodiment work I have done with Angharad''

I delicately curated the 6 months Unleash Your You program forming an online container for women to come together and journey to heal from their traumas and reclaim their exquisitely magnificent selves. I see over and over in my groups, that the deeper these women get to go inside of themselves the higher they rise.


I also frustratingly spend a lot of my time fighting with social media, being blocked and having my BIG accounts taken down for being VERY honest about sex, healing sexual trauma and my journey of healing cancer naturally, the constant battle against the patriarchy. 

If there’s anything here that piques your interest, and you believe needs to be heard in this world, I’d love to share my story with you on your platform. 

PLEASE NOTE (and this is important): my story can be confronting to hear at times, with that said, it’s a success story – I’m still here. 

I would also like to share with you some stories of the women i've been honoured to support and journey with. 

If you feel there is a way we could collaborate or that you could potentially support me to support many others, i would love to hear from you. 


Either way, thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

Love Angharad x 

Email: hello@angharadowen.com

Whatsapp: 0034 620412442


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