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to your upcoming breathwork session 

essential to watch before you breathe with me

Hey there!


To keep things fresh for our regular breathers and avoid repeating myself, I kindly request that you take just 24 mins and 15 seconds to watch some super important details.


These details will help you make the most of your experience by giving you a clear understanding of how to breathe properly and what to expect.


Plus, learning the neuroscience behind add's an extra awesome impact to your experience!


Thanks for your co-operation and i can't wait to see you on the breathe floor. 

Love Angharad x 

P.S If you plan to attend more sessions you don't need to watch this again. 

want to dive in sooner?

If you can't wait until our session, we've got your back!


Get a head start on your breathwork journey with these free online sessions.


Just click here and enjoy!



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