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Angharad's  process is a body-oriented approach to treating trauma and stress that focuses on processing traumatic memory, calming the nervous system, releasing traumatic shock from the body and restoring healthy  connection. 


Trauma may begin as acute stress from a perceived life threat or as the end product of cumulative stress over the years. 

Both types of stress can seriously impair a person's ability to function with resilience and ease and live in the here and now. 

Now, trauma can take many forms, and something that may seem minor can have a dramatic effect on our lives. 

We have all suffered trauma in some form, whether it be from society or cultures we grew up in, childhood conditioning through to cases of emotional or physical abuse.

I have seen trauma result in the body from a wide variety of stressors such as accidents, toxic relationships, overworking, body shaming, , financial overwhelm, sexual or physical assault, emotional abuse, neglect, war, racial discrimination, bullying at school, oppression, natural disasters, loss, birth trauma, or the corrosive stressors of ongoing fear, conflict, and chronic shaming, you get my drift. 

Basically being a human in this modern day society is hard work for your nervous system. 

Something as insignificant as being told off for running around naked as a child can show up as tensions in the body or habitual patterns later in life.


the experience

It isn't the traumatic event that causes long-lasting trauma; it is the overwhelming trapped response to the perceived life threat that is causing an imbalanced nervous system. 

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how this differs from talk therapy

Through somatic breathwork and embodiment practices, the aim is to help you access the body's memory of the event, not the story. This is where you go deeper than talk therapy which, when used alone, is not always sufficient to heal stress and trauma.
Talk therapy mainly targets the "thinking" parts of the brain – specifically, our prefrontal cortex. And while this might provide some short-term relief, it often doesn't resolve the core physiological damage that drives your trauma and stress symptoms.
We work to diffuse the power of the narrative and remap the body's memory to regain aliveness and flow.


It’s profound at helping you create new experiences in your body that contradict those of tension and overwhelming helplessness. 

This means that healing isn't about reclaiming memories or changing our thoughts and beliefs about how we feel.

It's about exploring the sensations that lie underneath our feelings and ideas, as well as our habitual behaviour patterns.

I have clients who are off all their medications, no longer suffer from panic attacks, have relieved years of chronic pain, wake up each day anxiety free, and are no longer haunted by a traumatic past. 

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If you see how animals behave in the wild, you notice that, after being faced with a threat, animals can return to a regulated, healthy state relatively quickly.

On the other hand, humans tend to remain stuck in hyper-vigilance after experiencing trauma and stress far more than animals.

This happens because moving out of a trauma/stress response often involves coming back into contact with painful sensations.

For more primitive animals, this is a process they can't resist. But as humans with monkey minds that take, we're very capable of avoiding those uncomfortable experiences.

Therefore, this breathwork and Somatic Experiencing aims to help you reconnect to your natural ability to welcome the energy of disturbing emotions, release them from the core and rewire your neural pathways with the sensations of the emotional experiences you desire to have. 

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When faced with danger, our more primitive brain structures – those responsible for ensuring physical survival – get activated. And after the threat has passed, these are the areas of the brain that remain fragmented.


That's why, rather than relying on more cognitive approaches that address the parts of the brain involved in critical thinking, Angharad's Breathwork and Somatic Experiencing focuses on treating trauma using bottom-up strategies.


I teach you how to build a nervous system resilience so in situations of conflict you can ultimately be happier and more at home in your own body.

resistance to feeling is preventing
your healing

Humans these days often resist the uncomfortable emotions that can come with moving out of a trauma response.


The same sensations that come along to help take us out of a freeze response back in balance often feel too frightening for us to feel. 


So we stop these emotions from happening by emotionally eating, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, overworking, shopping, people pleasing, avoiding being alone, using sex as an escape, you know, the drill. 

One thing I highly pride my approach on is its ability to guide you safely into experiencing the sensations you have been avoiding to get the trauma and stress out of your body once and for all. 

If you have tried everything else, this will be your game-changer. 


How do stress and trauma affect the brain and nervous System?

shifting into radical freedom 


Our consciousness is altered during breathwork and what happens is you enter this transpersonal realm that is hidden from your everyday awareness.

'Where did I go then? I wasn't asleep, but I was surrounded by ultraviolet light; I feel like I've just been reborn''. Freda.
A client who came to me stuck in her head with sabotaging looping thoughts; she left FINALLY relaxed and ended up dancing all night under the stars. 
''I can't believe what just happened. Are you a magician? I had the craziest experience of lying in a meadow with my Dad, surrounded by all these angels''. Beth. 
Beth's Dad committed suicide a year ago; she had been feeling so much anger. In a session, she got to the core of the anger that was repressed in her cells. She screamed and punched with her whole being. Underneath that was the sadness. At the end of the session, she went into a 'non-ordinary' state and had this beautiful connection with her Dad. 
That was it from that moment in; he was with her every day, supporting her.

Breathwork is a fuel that allows your body to enter these higher and higher states of consciousness. 

When we enter these non-ordinary states through breathwork, the breath links our conscious and unconscious aspects.

Now, true awakening is always there. You don't need a high state to recognise the truth of who you are.
But natural high states teach us about the nature of reality. 
They teach us about what's possible inside of ourselves. 

These states are where clients have so many downloads and connect to their source wisdom.
My clients who access these states regularly are the ones who propel into a space of their baseline reality, being that of inner peace and radical freedom. 

These spaces are where the magical integration to move forward happens, the creativity ignites, and inline answers are exposed.
What I make sure happens in sessions is that this awareness is then integrated into the nervous system and cells in the body, so you are re-imprinting the new reality. 

It's all good to have these big visions, as many people do with plant medicines, but the neuronal pathways in the body need new memory, or they revert to the old ways of being. 

Then I see over and over again these non-ordinary states help the person return to normal states with a substantially improved way of being in the world. 


Reprogramming your nervous system for safety is the crucial foundation to have success with anything in life.

If your nervous system does not feel safe it will do everything to avoid what needs to be addressed. 

Initially, you may feel discomfort, but I teach you to learn to sit with uncomfortable emotions. This is an essential part of healing, and you will be surprised how capable you are of doing this with the proper support of sitting with painful feelings. 

We work with pendulation, so you teach your nervous system to titrate between intense release and calm. This sets you up to deal with challenging situations exceptionally well in the future. 

After the VAST experience in my practice, I now guide clients back in tie to reframe traumatic memories, rewriting the damaging impact trauma left on your nervous system, which brings you back to a space of empowerment. 

We delve deep into your current narrative around fear, so it no longer has to immobilise you.

I teach you to become a ninja with your energy so you can shift from using energy to be on high guard and instead use it for higher operating, positive behaviours. 

My goal is to teach you to self-regulate. It is not like you will always be in a calm, stable state for the rest of your life. That's unrealistic but what is possible is you can gain a quick bounce-back rate to return to a balanced state quickly when shit hits the fan! 


Then we rewire and re fire your nervous system with the sensations of the emotions you desire to feel. so these become your baseline reality and you wake up feeling good in your body everyday. 


I then guide you into altered states of consciousness where you connect to the source of your truth. 

ways to experience the magic

Breathwork is now the foundation of all my sessions and programs so whatever you choose to do with me we will be covering the above. 






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