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Are you a visionary who desires to up-level in creativity, sexuality, wealth and impact

on a deep nervous system level?

If you answered yes these events are for you! 

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WHY I've CREATed THese workshops

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We can't go this alone, being a purpose-driven impact maker can be a draining, lonely struggle sometimes. IT'S A LOT OF HARD WORK! 

We all have creative blocks, we all get resistance, we all have fear of failure, we all live with an inner critic, we all worry about money whatever level we are at, we all have to watch out for burn out and we all live in a society that is not so supportive if we jump out of the box! 

So I am creating a kickass community, where we shift our energy supportively and collectively during workshops and education. 

Right now so many of us are being called to rise up and serve the new world and I wanted to create resources for women to be inspired to take the inner action needed to accelerate into their full potential.  

Most of the clients I work with have such unique gifts to bring to this world and I see ALL of the time how they feel about their emotions and how they embrace their sexuality is mirrored in their business and soooo many people are not accessing their most potent, powerful source of badassery the world needs right now! 
SEXUALITY AND BUSINESS are so closely linked
and by unlocking the most challenging, taboo part that's been repressed by this patriarchy is where you find the INFINITE POWER within you to flow into the next level of success within your projects which means you can create more impact in this world. 

upcoming events 


These workshops are from the raw, unfiltered version of me, I'm done with pretty pictures, nice backdrops, fancy emails and professional grammar.


This space will be where I show up half-dressed with my belly roll's out, where I and you say what the fuck we want, where my emails are short and sweet, where you see my office space is littered with an obscene amount of cacao fat bomb wrappers and where occasionally I throw on some sequins! 

I invite you to show up how the fuck you want, OWN YOU!

Feel free to invite people who are entrepreneurs, creatives and impact makers.


Angharad x 



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