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Emotional Freedom (1).png
Emotional Freedom (1).png
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For this Breathwork you want to: 


  • Give yourself the gift of 18 minutes. 

  • Have a comfortable, private space to lie down, preferably where you can make noise (If not you can also grab some pillows to scream into if need be).

  • Lie down with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 

  • Keep your breath deep and connected, no pause on the inhale, no pause on the exhale.

  • Allow whatever is present within your body to arise and just bring loving presence and awareness to what is.

  • Don't eat anything heavy before the practice 

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Emotional Freedom (1).png



You may experience tingles throughout the body and a thing called tetany which is cramping of the hands. This is completely normal when doing breathwork, it means you are taking control down from your thinking brain and getting into your body. If you go into this just encourage your body to relax and breathe through this. 


Not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, has a history of seizures, epilepsy or any other serious medical conditions. 

Enjoy, enjoy and don't forget you can always drop me a message if you have any questions or any insights you want to share. 

Breathwork audio here....

let's feel those feels

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did you benefit from this release?

If your would like to chit chat to me more about the mastered path i have created to get you from

trauma to radical freedom and peace

then........ hop over here. We can have a natter on my jungle sofa, a whatsapp convo or share some expression on mail!  

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