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Fri, 13 Nov



Rewire your sexual goddess body and mind

1 of 4 part series, join 1 or all 4.

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Rewire your sexual goddess body and mind
Rewire your sexual goddess body and mind

Time & Location

13 Nov 2020, 18:00 – 20:00

Ibiza, 07800 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

About the Event

  1. Rewire your sensual goddess body and mind

We will work to discover what YOUR sexual goddess truth is.  You will dig deep into who you truly desire to be and most importantly how you want to feel on a day to day basis.

​I will guide you through a transformative re-wiring meditation and breathwork session and you will unearth your unvarnished truth through deep inquiry journaling.

We will then delve into what negative belief systems, stresses or traumas are holding you back from fully thriving sexually on a mental level and you can have the opportunity to learn how to release these on a nervous system level in workshop 2.

We will delve into some of the principles of holistic sexuality so you can leave feel alive, radiant and with an embodied feeling of your sensual self.

Bringing to the 1st in the  4 part series of  ‘ Supercharge Your Sensual Goddess’ LIVE workshops in Ibiza .

You can book on for singular sessions in any order or join all 4, book early as spaces limited and usually there is a wait list.

Details of each session and date are listed below.

This is for you if you:

Feel disconnected from your body and pleasure

Desire for more freedom and joy in your sensuality

Focus on orgasm as the goal during love making which is interfering with a pleasurable experience

Desire to improve your sensual wellbeing

Find it difficult to be orgasmic

Feel a lack of sensual desire in your life

Desire to tap more into your creativity and pleasure in life

We work on our physical health by doing yoga, going to the gym, focusing on our nutrition and yet some people believe sensuality is just natural, why would we have to do anything about it?

Being healthy is natural but it doesn’t just happen in our society, we have to make good choices to have a healthy body, to have good digestion, to be physically strong, it’s the same work with our sensuality.

Holistic sensuality for me is about living a more turned on life and feeling truly alive inside of your body which creates a feeling of overall empowerment in your whole life.

I’ve seen clients over and over again when they activate their root energy source, they activate their power in life, they are naturally then more creative and strong in their desires. When your sensuality is unblocked and alive, I witness that women create more flow with money and love, it all goes hand in hand.

Owning your sensual health is crucial to staying independent, vibrant and fundamental to how we relate in a mature way to our sensual partners.

You also don’t need a partner to feel turned on, alive and sensually ecstatic, this as a woman is your in-born pleasure FOR YOU first and foremost. When your sensuality is thriving you will become magnetic to others around you.


In this mini series of 2 hour workshops (details of each below) I will guide you through the foundations of holistic sensuality so you can take them away with you to practice and work on just as you would with your physical health.

Journaling about what you desire your sensuality to look and feel like and work out what's blocking you from being there.

We will work on:

* Creating flow states within the body.

* Activating sensual energy and turn on.

* Liberating stuck energy.

* Turning your emotions into pleasure.

* Training your pelvic floor muscles.

* Healing trauma and stress in the body and pelvis.

* Exploring your natural sexual expression.

We will use mediation, breath, movement as part of the process.


Friday 13th Novemeber - Santa Gertrudis - Ibiza - 18:00-20:00, to arrive 17:50 as doors will close and we will start bang on 18:00, no 'ibiza' lateness.

Women only

No nudity, you will be fully clothed for all of the workshop. This is a space where you can feel comfortable.

This is a safe space for you to step into discovering what holistic sensuality can look and feel like for you as an individual.

You will work on your own in this workshop, where you can create your own bubble and be in your own experience but be surrounded by the energy of other incredible women.

It will be 2 hours in total, introductory rate of €33 per person. Pre payment required. 

Spaces limited to 5. PM me to reserve your spot.

Mats, cushions and blankets provided.

Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Bring socks if you’re like me and your feet freeze, having warm feet actually helps create more sensation in the rest of the body.

Journal and pen required.


  • 1. Rewire your sexual goddess

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