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Tantra is a pathway not just to sacred sexual ecstasy but to self healing, self actualisation and to having the life of your wildest dreams. 
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This is the workshop where you get to experience Angharad’s own unique jam of Breathwork meets Tantra, it’s powerful.

What we will do

The experience lasts about 90 minutes and consists of a short talk in which we’ll go over what the session looks like, demonstrate the breathing technique, what you can expect, and then you’ll set an intention for your practice.

The active portion of the breathing will include an energetic music playlist and careful guidance and support when needed. As you focus on your breathing, you’ll be able to silence the inner critic and give your brain the break that it needs so you can do the essential work you came to do.

Beware, It’s powerful stuff and will wake you up!

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Stories from the last Tantric Breathwork
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‘’ As an expert in breathwork, emotional maturity ,embodied trauma release and sexuality,I have transformed thousands of lives through my group programs and 1:1 coaching (including that of my own) and I now want to share some of my most transformational tools with you, so that you know the secret to liberation and living a turned-on life.If you have that sense that there is more to be experienced in life, love and business that's because there is. And it’s not external, it's right there within you. ‘’


Angharad Owen has been supporting people to restore the purity of their potential since 2015.


She has extensively studied with top Tantra, Taoism and Breathwork Institute’s with world leaders and has been named the ‘Breathwork Queen’. 

She spent three and a half years training at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and is fully certified as a Sex Love and Relationship coach also.


Best of all her clients always reflect back that they know and love that she practice’s what she preaches on a daily basis and love's her modern day approach. 


Her group programs and 1:1 sessions are rapidly changing peoples everyday realities as she continues to be a leader in making embodiment work relatable and accessible for the modern-day person. 


She hosts online group programs, monthly challenges  and offers very limited spaces for 1:1 sessions. 


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