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using the language of your body to resolve the problems of your mind

For full information about my breathwork and somatic experiencing method please head over here

FYI - Before you go any further Angharad is looking to only work with people who are FULLY committed to taking a deep dive within themselves, if that's you.....let's go! 


If you have never experienced Angharad’s Breathwork before, you are in for the surprise of your life. It’s an emotional clear out, a mind and soul fire-up and a creative spirit awakener in one experience.


Angharad’s breathing techniques allows you to silence your inner critic and give your overworked brain the break that it needs so you can get to the core of what you really need to be focusing on.


Every person who has taken part in this Breathwork has had incredible “aha” moments that have shifted things for the greater good in their lives. You will walk away feeling transformed and with a reframe on how to live your life, personally and professionally, with a powerful and transformational skill that you can use to reset your creative system anytime you want.

Angharad guide's people to access 'non ordinary' states through her breathwork in Ibiza, Mallorca and global on request. 

''These are the most powerful states which we can access, where I have witnessed the most profound nervous system release, tales of spiritual enlightenment beyond belief and where I see people after years of suffering finally access the root cause of their traumas and stresses and they move rapidly into a place of wholeness. 


When I guide people to access these ‘non-ordinary’ states in Breathwork sessions, we together create a safe space within the mind and body (uber important, if your nervous system doesn’t feel safe it won’t release anything it’s not ready for) so it can open up and feel emotions that have been suppressed for many years. 


These 'non-ordinary' states expand beyond their current belief systems and open up spaces within the mind and nervous system beyond their current ‘ordinary’ state perceptions. 


This creates a re-wiring, it builds new muscles in the nervous system so it knows it can survive this next level of power.


It makes it WAAAAYYYYYY easier to then get exactly what you want EASILY! ''


The breath regulates the nervous system - it kicks out those often unconscious lower vibrations states, the fears, the sadness, the ‘i'm not good enough voices and literally releases the root of them out of the cells and muscles within the body creating open energy channels and allowing the wounding and trauma to be resolved and integrated within the nervous system. 


Angharad's Breathwork combines conscious connected breathing, movement, sounding, and meditation to assist in the release of trauma and stress from the physical body alongside her working with the 7 belts of tension. 


This practice can assist in…


- The release of tension and pain

- Healing emotional wounds, heartache, and grief.

- Relieving depression and anxiety.

- Embracing one's true self.

- Experiencing more joy, love, peace, and compassion.

- Becoming more embodied and present.

- Taking your career to the next level

In person breathwork sessions can take place in Ibiza, Mallorca and globally. 


7 belts of tension 

In my breathwork sessions in Ibiza and Mallorca we work  to de-armour the 7 belts of tension within the body working from the head down to the pelvis. 

1.      Ocular or Eye (scalp, forehead, eyes, cheeks, ears and the base of the skull).

2.      Oral (Mouth and Jaw).

3.      Cervical (Throat, Tongue and Neck).

4.      Thoracic (Chest, shoulders and upper back, arms and hands).

5.      Diaphragm (Lower sternum, lower ribs, and the organs underneath the diaphragm).

6.      Abdominal (The Belly).

7.      Pelvic (muscles of the pelvis and lower limbs).


These belts are where energy is bound by muscular contraction and does not flow through the body freely.


When tension is held in these sections chronic muscular spasms develop (whether you feel them or not)  as a defence against the breakthrough of overwhelming emotions particularly anxiety, rage and sadness.


So when i work systematically with the release of these belts of tension, it helps to gently release the constriction and emotional energy thats laying at each level.


As the layers of psychological and somatic defence mechanisms are released my clients experience access to their feelings, body sensations, and core self which allows for the creative self, the loving self, the peaceful self, the clear self to come on through rapidly and life becomes one of ease, flow and joy. 

what you may experience....


  •  Deep healing of wounds, grief, and traumas


  • Access to expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity


  •  Transcendence of the mind and emotions; awakening to the truth of who you really are


  • Release of toxins from the cells of the body

  • Mystical revelations


  • Massive stress relief and deep relaxation


  • Greater self-love and more loving relationships


  • Emotional Balance


  •  Relief from physical pain


  •  Increased connection to source


  •  Overwhelming feelings of joy


  • Deep inner peace


  •  Feelings of connectedness, empathy & oneness to arise

  • Ability to manifest greater abundance


I know your first reaction to such a crazy list of possible experiences is, “Bullshit!” That’s why I always want people to come and try it, to see for themselves. The truth is, Breathwork is something that cannot be described; it can only truly be experienced.


The experience lasts about 90 minutes and consists of a short talk in which we’ll go over what the session looks like, demonstrate the breathing technique, what you can expect, and what you desire to work through. 


The active portion of the breathing will include an energetic music playlist, hands on touch for tension release and deep inner inquiry as you enter into the 'non ordinary state. 


As you focus on your breathing, you’ll be able to silence the inner critic and give your brain the break that it needs so you can do the essential work you came to the session to do.


Anything discussed or that occurs in the sessions is 100% confidential. 

Angharad is based for breathwork in Mallorca, Ibiza and various locations around the globe on request.

For full information about my breathwork and somatic experiencing method please head over here

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I offer bespoke session options for Breathwork in Ibiza, Mallorca and globally. Please get in touch for a free chat to see what works for you. 

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book in 1:1 sessions


Please note spaces are extremely limited - if you can't find a time that suits or Angharad is FULL get in contact to be on the waiting list. 

Angharad first discovered breathwork 9 years ago.


She had experienced a traumatic childhood which led to the body holding onto unresolved emotional trauma. This resulted in life-threatening cancer in her body several times over.


‘’I was not aware of the extent to which I carried trauma in my body, I kept thinking there was something wrong with me, that I was broken, that I was damaged, that I was unworthy, that I was undeserving. I felt powerless, I felt like a victim to life, I felt like everything was a struggle and I didn’t even fully recognise why.


During my first breathwork experience, it came apparent how much trauma and stress had been locked down in my nervous system, I left feeling somewhat bewildered as to what had happened but had released so much that had been completely unconscious to me. After years of suffering, mentally, physically and emotionally I finally felt there was a way to restore my purity and detox my body.


Alongside releasing trauma and stress I quickly became aware that when used in a focused way the breath also supercharges that creative fire, supports finding clarity and opens us up to deeper levels of love and intimacy. I now experienced psychedelic states and access higher states of consciousness through my breathwork regularly and now use the breath as my foundation for success in life, love, business and beyond. ‘’

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the passion behind the
breathwork queen


Since 2015 Angharad has been supporting thousands of people to restore the purity of their potential.


She has extensively studied with top Tantra, Taoism and Breathwork Institute’s with world leaders for many years and has been named the ‘Breathwork Queen’!


She spent three and a half years training and breathing daily at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and alongside being a fully qualified breathwork facilitator she is certified as a Sex, Love and Relationship coach. 

Her recent studies have lead her to inherited the teachings of Gabor Mate which she regularly applies into her sessions. 


Her clients always reflect back that they know and love that she practice’s what she preaches on a daily basis.


Her sold-out group programs and 1:1 sessions are rapidly changing peoples everyday realities as she continues to be a leader in making embodiment work relatable and accessible for the modern-day person.


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