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24 hours of what most people would call fu*king nuts.









I see many people spending time in visionary spaces but not taking action on the visions or not allowing enough time in visionary spaces to connect to that deep inner wisdom.

When that gut instinct, that voice comes in that tells you to go somewhere or do something, it’s because everything is interconnected.

Many logically minded people would just call me crazy, in fact, they do, regularly, no-one can keep up with me but it isn’t my logical mind that runs my life, it's my intuition and my connection with spirit/God.

What I know is that I have dedicated my life to obliterating that western logically minded structure we are ‘meant’ to follow to achieve ‘success’.

I woke up at 08:30 am and was booking an extremely expensive flight to leave my paradise home in 24 hours' time because my intuition was telling me it was time I had to go and complete a calling that had been marinating over the last few months.

I knew, that when the time was in alignment, everything would fall into place the way it needed to.

Flight booked, I had 24 hours to complete 100 missions!

Sat savouring what would be my last favourite breakie in a while, aware of the time constraints, I had another call, you need to go to Sideman before you leave.

Now Sideman is a magical, fairy, imp-like land 2 hours drive away, and further from the airport, I need to be at in now, 22 hours.

It's a place in North Bali, that I frequented and had spent great amounts of time deep in my breathwork and self-pleasure practices where I entered into many future realities, I was immersed in vast periods of visionary spaces, receiving download after download. My special place.

It wasn't logical, I was already exhausted but I knew I had to listen and act fast. It meant hurrying the fuck up, running around and praying for ease.

I had to organise my life belongings, put them into storage, terminate contracts, return vehicles, pay people, buy a few bits, sort out somewhere to stay as my usual spot was fully booked and find a driver.

As I stepped out of the cafe, my favourite driver was randomly outside and was available to drop everything off and take me.

We have shared some precious soul-connecting moments, he had influenced my behaviour a lot and he was 1 million per cent the right person to take me there.

I miraculously got everything done and we embarked on the drive, 21 hours before I had to be at the airport, I told him the story of what had happened in Sideman over the months and why I was leaving tomorrow.

Shocked, intrigued and amazed by a western girl being so guided by god, I spent the car ride flowing between laughter and tears, so emotional, him holding my hand tightly and encouraging me to cry cry cry, let it out and cry.

I arrived at sideman, knowing it was to be a night of deep reflection, I needed the right energetic space.

I stand in a hotel room these days and feel right away if it's a yes or no, it wasn’t until we got to hotel number 7 that I was in the right space. How did I know, my heart felt overwhelming emotion and I cried, cried this was the perfect space to hold me.

As the sun began to set over the rice paddies and lush mountains I lay on my lounge chair overlooking the land that had held me so firmly, each time it had anchored me into a deep sense of safety and allowed me to witness myself undertaking the unthinkable missions in life.

I spend so much time there living in the future version of an extremely powerful, purposeful me.

Suddenly the tears came rapidly, the whaling began and I knew why there was such a deep calling to go there, I needed to pay my respects, thank the land and make the commitment to action what it had brought forth.

We are brought up in the west to be logically minded, hence there being the ‘standard’ way of living which is generally centred around fear, lack, external material gratification and comfort in the known.

This more often than not is resulting in many people feeling like something is missing.

A sense of there is something more they are just not tapping into.

I have made a radical commitment for the last year to be completely guided by my intuition however logically or logistically fucking nuts it seemed.

It’s been WILD.

I’ve been so present I haven’t shared or reflected on the journey, what now I’m releasing is I’ve been experiencing many different realities and truly broken out of the logical mind.

This has resulted in me having my most successful year ever, the success is measured in happiness, and inner peacefulness and I’ve finally conquered a deep sense of trust in my nervous systems that’s allowed me to know someone’s always got my back and I can FULLY surrender and trust every single bit of intuition.

I get a calling and I act on it.

There is communication that happens way beyond our physical body, there is another power that wants good in this world that genially nudges those who listen to step forth.

I get called I go not knowing why or how -and then all gets revealed and I give myself another pat on the back for yet again trusting, trusting my intuition, trusting spirit/the divine god/.

It's been work to become this way.

I have had to deconstruct with I have been taught, I have become my own science laboratory, I’ve played with my own experiment of living life and the closer I’ve stepped towards my truth the more comfortable I’ve got in my own skin and mind and the more divinely magical my life has become.

What halts this…..fear.

And it is not that I don't ever feel fear, I just embrace fear and now know how to play with fear.

When that gut instinct, that voice comes in that tells you to go somewhere or do something, it’s because everything is interconnected. ‘’

It’s a radical way of living for most of us in the west, but committing to it works better than anything else I’ve tried to control during my lifetime. It feels fucking exciting, liberating and RIGHT.

When something isn’t right it doesn’t flow and I have to wait… until it’s clear. I know my body knows even when my logical mind doesn't.

The more time you spend releasing the fear, anxiety, uncertainness and trauma, the more you can step into open-hearted oneness and this becomes your baseline reality where you live from.

What's required is a rewiring of your nervous system to start to build that muscle of openheartedness connection to connect to the truth of who you are and your purpose here on earth.

Your brain can play tricks, and your heart can often be blind but that pure instinctual intuition is always right.

Your intuition is your superpower that's why so many things in this western world are put to take us out of our bodies.

For your inner world to change you need to make a radical commitment to come home to your body, to make friends with fear.

For our outer world to change to one we all desire to happily live in, we need to come home to our bodies and follow the innate wisdom within us that is guiding us to create that place.

My mission over the next few months is to support those who are ready to release the trauma, embrace the fear and come truly home through deep 1:1 breathwork sessions.

In honour of my intuition calling me to do so, I'm going to be in Ibiza teaching in person from 24th June - to 18th July.

I’m coming back to Ibiza for 4 weeks only

I will be working with the

7 belts of tension in the body,

holding 7 consecutive sessions over 3.5 weeks.

These sessions have proven to be wildly, profoundly effective in supporting my clients (CEO’S, Healers, Coaches, Mum’s) to release self-destructive behaviours such as continual relationship issues, addictions, childhood sexual trauma, negative thought patterns AS WELL AS the mind-boggling results of improving conditions such as long term physical pain (ton’s of stories here to share), nerve damage, visual impairments and addictions!

I’m offering 7 sessions, 2 per week because I’ve seen

7 sessions are all it takes to DRAMATICALLY improve ALL the above and more!

For more info drop me a DM and if you want to embark on this online also give me a holla!

For now, love to you all

Angharad x

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