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I’ve been contracted to infect women with orgasmic bliss.

Happy New Year my beloveds.

I’ve had the privilege this year to have a strong connection with that badass guide who generally hangs out upstairs in the clouds, God. (When i say god, i mean the divine, my higher self, wonder women etc, my version of the big women upstairs, yes God can also be a woman)! I've taken myself to special places and not so special places like my bed to sit and listen intently to the guidance I needed.

One constant in our communication has been her request to continue to contact me for the rest of my life to conduct my duty of supporting women to become infected with wild, orgasmic bliss filled bodies.

This request has become LOUDER and CLEARER as we have journeyed through this pandemic.

With us being in danger of the collective heaviness we all obtain at some level affecting our nervous systems ability to thrive, WE HAVE to power up our pleasure sources, and store the higher vibe energy in our cells so we can use it to feel healthy, productive, joyful and so then we can support others in this mad world by showing up as our most vibrant selves. We all find being around happy, vibrant people infectious right?

I had the privilege of doing this alongside soooo many QUEENS this year who have came together to uplevel into the expansion of their sexuality. It has been an honor and honestly my heart is cracked wide open. ❤️

I’m celebrating today the humans who showed up consistently in 2021 and went so deep within themselves to maximize, not only their potential for their success of love, joy, aliveness and ecstatic bliss but also the ones who have done this for their children, lovers, friends and to make worldly impact.

Every day I am so honoured that I got to be their guide.

The bravery it took to say yes to work with me and invest financially, their ability to show up in their authenticity no matter how much shame or guilt they felt and the love we got to share with each other has been beyond WILD!

👉🏻I have a fond memory of a women who came to me at the start of the year with no desire for sex with her husband anymore.

Turns out she had suffered so much trauma that there was no wonder her body had shut down, she felt so safe with her husband that the trauma was able finally arise to be healed.

She was so brave each session and went DEEP into realising and releasing the effects of this on her nervous system that had been affecting so many more areas than just sex in her life.

She told me in all the years of therapy working with me was what was finally getting to the root of her issues.

Her and her husband embarked on a journey of finding new ways to experience intimacy other than sex, they communicated on new levels that brought them closer than they had ever been and she was finally having pain free sex that wasn’t for the sake of going through the motions anymore.

👉🏻 I worked alongside a single mom who was ready to break out of the grind of corporate life, create a new business and go for the life she desired to have with her daughter. This super women really committed to the work and every single week wowed me as she shifted through her blocks of people pleasing, fear, anxiety and self belief. Deep traumas were resolved and she built a solid nervous system foundation for a thriving business and grounded deep into listening to her bodies' and her business's needs.

👉🏻 An experienced therapist hired me because she had done so much work on herself but had never addressed the fact she was numb sexually. She was feeling out of alignment that she was preaching about being embodied but had not yet embodied her sexual self. This was a wild journey, she uncovered parts of her primal self she never knew existed, we got to extreme levels of embodiment in just 5 sessions and she’s now just turned over her first 20k month after unleashing this side of herself.

👉🏻 I had one women who kept have un-satisfying sex with various partners. She was done and frustrated with faking orgasms and wanted to experience this deep, richness I always talk about. So much of her difficulties stemmed back to childhood wounding which we unblocked and re-wired her system for worthiness, confidence and changed the narrative that sex was for HER PLEASURE. She now has boundaries and had her first orgasm with a partner just 4 weeks into the program.

👉🏻 I worked 1:1 with a yoga teacher who had previously taken my 7 week program, she knew how powerful sexual energy can be and wanted to learn how to use Tantric Skills and Breathwork to have the business and life she desired, she is smashing it out with wild classes and online sessions, new opportunities are coming her way every single day and she’s trained her nervous system to cope with the up-levelled success.

The things I see over and over that make those transformations possible?

1. Safety. Not just the mind thinking it’s safe, they body, the nervous system feeling deep within it that’s is safe is the only way to thrive sexually. I have never ever had a client come to me who has felt fully safe in their body.

2. Acceptance of where you are at now. I know when people come to me they want change but being pissed at oneself never got anyone anywhere. Acceptance of what is is fundamental and that leads me onto…..

3. Intention and dedication to the outcome. You have to decide that this IS GOING to work for you. Take away the time frame you have put on yourself and decide you will show up to do whatever it takes to get there, however long. Don’t quit when things get rough.

4. Self compassion - Falling so madly deeply in love with yourself and being able to bring compassion to every single part of your self journey. From the little child who suffered trauma, to the adult who isn’t quite where she wants to be right now. You never know what’s going to come up on what day so having this baseline regulates your nervous system into a peaceful place.

5. Nervous system regulation - Learning how to bring yourself back to peace, love and safety when things get wild out there in your world. Creating a rapid bounce back rate for your emotional states is key for flowing through life, this is not to say don’t feel, you need to feel feel feel, release and restore.

6. Nervous system edging - Slowly and steadily preparing your nervous system for next level success, the nervous system likes the ‘known’ so if you push past it’s ‘known’ it often tries to revert you back to your old habits and ways of being, steadily preparing it for high level success if key to the process.

7. Investing In support - Having someone have you back so you're not out there getting lost in the wilderness on your own. I’ve found in my women’s programs the sisterhood is where the most healing takes place. Creating support, community, understanding, being seen and celebrated is what it takes to fully thrive.

8. Celebration - Celebrating yourself every single step of the way in new and playful ways. We spend so much time in self loathing, this sizzle has had to change for you to change.

9. Use your pleasure to activate your superpowers. It’s your unbuilt natural source of evening into a blissful life.

10. Savour every single moment of the journey, be curious, be proud, feel the aliveness in all the moments dark and light and say each to the richness of flavours that life brings.

Life is a magical journey full of twists and turns, expect the unexpected, know the dark times shall always pass, have faith, connect to your version of God, smile lots, take action, open your heart and spend as much time in pure presence as you can.

Aim for joy, pleasure, aliveness, lots of love, radiance and know that your greatest dreams can be actualised when you come from this space.

Devote yourself to the above and you will be winning.

Happy New Year.

Love Angharad x

P.S If you want support with this there are 2 ways you can join me and ma ladies this year.

  1. Join the 10 day - Rise your Vibe Challenge - here starting Jan 10th - Just 22 euro.

2. Apply for one of the 15 spaces left on the UNLEASH YOUR YOU right here. THE 6 month program for female creatives, entrepreneur's and change makers who are a big fat YES to unlocking their full potential by liberating their powerful sexual energy source and harnessing it for full on confidence, infinite power and worldy impact.

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