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Hey ladies, let's dive into the fascinating world of man's best friend—the penis! 🍆

It's like we're stuck in a loop of mediocre sex, painful encounters, and robotic motions. And guess what? Nobody wants to talk about it!

Surprisingly, women keep whispering in my ear about their dissatisfaction.

They're so disenchanted with their partners' touch that they'd rather binge-watch Netflix or fake another headache than engage in lackluster lovemaking.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room—penis trauma.

It's a thing, ladies!

From the "not-so-consensual" surprises to the jackhammering that begins before we're ready, we've all had our share of less-than-ideal experiences. And let's not forget the times when we've mastered the art of disassociation because, seriously, sex wasn't a resounding "yes" for us.

Confession time!

I used to be freaked out, disgusted, and fearful of the mighty member down there.

But hold on, it's not all doom and gloom.

Within the darkness of penile trauma lies a glimmer of hope—a light that can guide us towards a whole new way of experiencing the male organ.

Picture this: Sex as an act of worship.

Oh yes, we're talking about tapping into the sacred, the divine, the mystical, and the downright magical in our pursuit of mind-blowing intimacy.

But how do we get there? Ah, Tantra to the rescue!

I embarked on a life-changing journey with Tantra, and boy, did it transform my perception.

I shed those outdated trauma stories, rewired my brain, and reclaimed my view of the divine masculine's mighty cock!

Now, before you raise an eyebrow and ask, "Why should I worship his package if he's not worshipping mine?"

Hear me out, ladies. Sometimes, we need to open the doors of possibility and guide men towards the realms of sacred sex.

It's time to break the societal padlocks that have emotionally constrained our guys. They've been conditioned for generations to believe that women exist solely for their pleasure. Insert, orgasm, manly duties—sound familiar?

Insert, climax, and voila! Your manly duties are fulfilled. That's the general idea, or so they say.

Who needs feelings, right? An emotional vocabulary? That's just for the "un-manly" folks.

But hold on a second, let's flip the slate and consider both perspectives.

It's not just about women's pleasure; it's about men discovering their own hidden erogenous zones. Yes, you heard me right! We're talking about the penis, the perineum, the anus, the belly, the thighs—there's a whole uncharted territory waiting to be explored!

By embarking on the glorious path of penis worship, you're not only transforming your sexual experiences into sacred rituals for both you and your partner, but you're also about to embark on an adventure that will blow your mind (and other parts)!

Let's face it: porn has taught us to wire our sexuality in one particular way—fast and furious. Our brains and bodies have become addicted to this style, leaving us craving for more. But it’s not all doom and gloom because it's time to hit the reset button and rewire everything—from your precious parts to your brilliant brain—for the ultimate journey into the realm of sacred sexual pleasure.

The key to unlocking mind-blowing ecstasy lies in the art of surrender.

Picture yourself relaxing on multiple levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. It's like entering a state of pure bliss where relaxation knows no bounds.

But wait, there's more! To reach the peak of cosmic sensual bliss, you must train like a sexual superhero across all these levels. It's like leveling up in the gym, except the rewards are way more rich and pleasure-able!

Now, don't get me wrong; this isn't an instant gratification switch. It requires dedication and rewiring your neuronal pathways that have probably been tensed up like a tightrope for ages.

Here's a little secret: learning to give love to a man opens up a gateway to receiving love in return.

Sure, vulnerability can be a wild ride, but it's the secret sauce that keeps relationships sizzling.

It's what turns good connections into magnificent fireworks of passion, preventing cheating or breakup blues, and injecting pure life force into, well, life itself!

Imagine diving deep into the ocean of sacred sexual experiences—each encounter a treasure trove of pleasure that transcends reality.

When you explore these otherworldly realms with a partner, you'll discover a magical space filled with pure love.

It's like stepping into a dimension free from expectations and conditions—just pure, unadulterated appreciation of divine infinite love flowing from the cosmic source.

And here's the juicy part: I've personally gone from trembling at the sight of a man's member to cock worship being one of my favouite topics to discuss and teach!

Life can be full of surprises, can't it?

So, how do you unlock these sacred sexual experiences where cock worship becomes your ultimate turn-on?

It all starts with you, my adventurous soul.

  • Safety: Allowing your body, mind, and heart to fully surrender, knowing they are protected during the experience. Saftey needs installing on a deep nervous system level not only in your body but in the energy meridians that run through you sexual organs.

  • Honoring your own sacred parts (yoni/pussy/vagina) and establishing a deep connection with yourself, as it enhances the ability to approach a man's penis from a divine space.

  • Releasing past traumas and shedding the layers of emotional barriers around your heart, which can be accomplished through practices such as breathwork and vaginal reflexology.

  • Developing strong communication skills, expressing boundaries, and feeling safe to share desires moment by moment.

  • Transforming sex into a present-moment meditation, merging presence with the human experience and unlocking the potential to connect the energy of sex with spirit/god.

A Gift to Awaken Your Sacred Body: Free Sacred Body Workshop Breathwork Practice

I have a special gift reserved just for you. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of a free sacred body workshop breathwork practice, meticulously designed to support your inner journey.

Simply reach out to me with the words SCARED BODY, and I'll joyfully send this invaluable gift your way.

Within the depths of your being lie sacred places that hold the essence of the entire world.

Experience the profound pilgrimage of self-discovery as you embark on a magical Tantric practice.

It's time to embrace your divine beauty and rediscover the magic that resides within.

AND FYI, fairy godmothers may be a myth, but fear not because I'm here to make your dreams come true!

Bippity-boppity-boop! With a sprinkle of magic, your ultimate sex life is well within your grasp.

Now, I know instant transformation sounds a bit far-fetched, but how about achieving it in just 6 months? Believe me, it's absolutely doable!

I've witnessed this incredible metamorphosis unfold time and time again, and now it's your turn to experience the magic.

Imagine this: If you had a magic wand at you're disposal, ready to manifest your wildest sexual dreams in just 6 months, what would that fantastical vision look like?

I'm currently on the lookout for three extraordinary women who are eager to embark on the 6 Month journey to Unleash Your Inner You program.

This transformative experience is designed to equip you with lifelong tools that will enable you to reclaim your sensual essence with unwavering confidence.

We'll delve deep, tackling the very roots that hold you back and enveloping your entire being, ensuring that the results are truly transformative and long-lasting.

If you're ready to step into this extraordinary opportunity, don't hesitate to shoot me a DM. In the bio, you'll discover inspiring tales of other women who have embarked on this remarkable journey.

Together, let's turn your sex life into a magnificent masterpiece, woven with the enchantment you've always desired! ❤️

Angharad 💕

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