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The Art Of Repairing Your Family Dynamic


So many issues or blockages in our life's come from our relationship with our parents/caretakers.

Children tend to walk away feeling wounded, damaged, hurt or unexpressed due to how their parents raised them.

True healing only happens with your physical family when you have integrated your own wounds and learnt how to care for your needs yourself.

As a child, you need unconditional safety, love and respect, and when you don't get it, there's a deep-embedded desire to because if you didn't get it as a child, you might die (if you needed food as a baby and your parents did not give it to you, you might have died).

So there is a real intensity to these deep unmet needs from our caretakers.

We often get stuck in this dynamic of wanting to heal it through our parents as we believe this would be the ultimate release but the whole reason we're carrying all that wounding in the first place is that those people generally aren't capable of doing that.

Sometimes parents age, and they learn, and you can have a fantastic healing conversation and change a dynamic with your parents, but that is rare.

You can't rely on it, so you can be open to your family changing, but you never want to rely on them to change or transform for you to get what you want, to heal your wounds, and to liberate yourself.

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