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The Harsh Reality of a Sexless Relationship

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

When intimacy fades, sexual trauma takes hold.

In the depths of a sexless relationship lies a hidden agony, an unspoken form of sexual trauma.

The absence of profound intimacy devours the essence of your being, gradually wearing down the flames of passion and the bond that once blazed brightly.

I've listened to countless stories from both women and men, burdened by the weight of their unfilled desires.

It's not merely the physical act of sex they crave, but the yearning to be truly desired, to rekindle the touch of intimacy and the thrill of spontaneity once more.

The damage caused by neglecting your sexual needs is far-reaching….

affecting communication, emotional distance, and even tempting the wandering eye.

It's a precarious place in an otherwise happy relationship, where yearning for intimate touch lingers, seeking solace even from others.

Sleepless nights haunted by the memory of an ex-lover with whom you once shared a blazing inferno of desire.

The one who made you feel like wild rabbits, insatiable and untamed.

Thoughts race through your mind as you ponder what your intimate life would be like had you stayed.

Boredom gnaws at your soul, tempting you to contemplate the unthinkable: breaking up or divorcing because your current sexual encounters are dull or non-existent.

Deep down, you know nothing can replace the soul's craving for a profound sexual bond.

Yet, more often than not, this essential aspect is pushed aside, concealed like an elephant in the room.

Women, worn out from the demands of life, confess, "I've lost my desire for sex. I'm too exhausted. I'd rather watch Netflix."

But remember, my dear, you were not too tired during those initial six months of your relationship.

In fact, many women reminisce about boundless energy during that time—a vivid reminder of what sex should be, invigorating and recharging.

But my friends, I have something to say about this.

It seems people expect their sex lives to be mind-blowing all the time, without lifting a finger to make it so.

Can you achieve a healthy body without putting in any effort?

Can your business thrive without exerting yourself?

Can you expand your social circles without making any connections?

We invest energy in all these areas, yet we naively assume that our sex and relationship lives will magically fall into place.

And then, there's the belief that talk therapy holds the key to resolving our issues.

But let me tell you, most of our problems stem from a deeper place than our conscious thoughts.

They reside in the darkest corners of our unconscious minds, entwined with emotions, stress, and traumas that find refuge within our very nervous system.

Here's what a few women who took one of my group classes shared:

Remarkably, embarking on this journey need not rely on a partner.

I've witnessed incredible transformations in relationships when individuals take inner action themselves and do the work before they even get into relationship again.

So, if you're ready to save your relationships, rather than fantasizing or resigning yourself to an unsatisfying fate, it's time to take a leap.

Reach out to me, for I have created the perfect program tailored to the everyday busy woman.

This program will guide you in delving deep into your nervous system, releasing any blocked trauma or stress that inhibits your sexual mojo.

We must confront these challenges head-on.

Train yourself sexually, just as you would train your body or nourish your business.

Put effort into understanding and addressing the core issues that lie hidden in the depths of your unconscious mind.

Shed the baggage of the past, societal expectations, and conditioning around sex that may be holding you back.

You have the power to reclaim your sexual desire and invigorate your relationship.

Communication plays a pivotal role.

Openly discuss your desires and concerns with your partner, for a healthy sexual connection requires ongoing dialogue.

Life's twists and turns may impact your sex drive, but by openly addressing these changes, you can navigate them together.

I invite you to embark on a transformative journey towards rekindling the flames of passion and intimacy in your relationship.

With a lifetime of knowledge and over 1500 hours of training in tantra-inspired tools and sexual health education, I stand ready to assist you in piecing together the puzzle of your intimate life.

Together, we will unravel limiting beliefs and erase unhelpful patterns that have been holding you back.

I am here to provide you with hands-on tools and techniques, empowering you to tap into the natural healing powers of your own body.

You can find out more about Unleash Your You right here.

Just like a medicine cabinet, your body holds the key to unlocking its full potential, and I have the prescription to guide you along the way.

If you want to chat to me about it drop me a whatsapp here.

I also have a free pleasure awakening breathwork to kickstart your journey right here for you.

With so much understanding, compassion and love,

Angharad x

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