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The 10 day challenge
where you get to go
deep and intimate with your cells, your sensations, your heart, your soul, that precious mind and of course your pussy so that you can become present to your bodies inner wisdom and raise your nervous system vibration ready to waltz into 2022 as the high vibe queen the world needs you to be during this sh*t show! 

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Rise Your Vibe Queen.
Ignite your most powerful asset, YOUR BODY. 

So how will you 
rise your vibe?

Daily Motivation.jpg

Unlock a door each day for 10 days via an app on your phone to reveal your 10-15 minute mind altering, soul shaking, heart opening, sassy activating self worship rituals that prep your nervous system up for a whole vibrational upgrade.


tantric rituals,

sacred breathwork,

love activations,

alchemising your sensual energy,

orgasmic nourishment

and soul feeding journaling. 

 are you ready to give your nervous system this upgrade for just 22€ for 10 days? 


Your pleasure is your
fuel to higher states
of consciousness, make the most of it!

10 days

Imagine opening the door everyday aND.....

  •  raising your nervous system vibration so you can experience full-bodied pleasure and move forward to the alive, desire filled 2022 you want.


  • reaching new levels and depths of intimacy, connection and embodiment with yourself that you never even imagined existed. 


  • decreasing your stress and coming home to your inner peace each day. 


  •  tapping into your body's natural psychedelic states and realising how capable your body is of reaching cosmic bliss so your ready to take off into 2022 with an ecstatic bang! 


  • eluding new levels of confidence in your body and sensuality so you become magnetic and get everything you want in life. 


  • releasing stress and trapped emotions lurking in your nervous system so you can keep your whole health in it’s best form during this global shit show! 

Love is the essential foundation that heals everything. 

It's the juice, the source of all thriving of life on this planet and especially of human beings. 

We thrive with love and especially when that love is given to self first.

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Angharad Owen has been supporting women to restore the purity of their potential since 2015. 

She has extensively studied with top Tantra, Taoism and Breathwork Institute’s with world leaders and has been named the ‘Breathwork Queen’. 

She spent three and a half years training at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and is fully certified as a Sex Love and Relationship coach also.


Best of all her clients always reflect back that they know and love that she practice’s what she preaches on a daily basis. 


Her 7 week and 6-month group programs are rapidly changing women's realities as she continues to be a leader in making embodiment work relatable and accessible for the modern-day woman.

‘’ As an expert in female sexuality, emotional maturity and embodied trauma release I have transformed thousands of lives through my group programs and 1:1 coaching (including that of my own) and I now want to share some of my most transformational tools with you, so that you know the secret to liberation and living a turned-on life.
If you have that sense that there is more to be experienced in your life that's because there is. And it’s not external, it's right there within you. ‘’

What if I can’t start on the 10th January?
You can do this is your own time, the challenge doors will be ready for you to open on whichever day you can begin.

What if i miss day?
You go back and open the door of the challenge when you can.

How long will I have access for?

Until 30th January 2022 the challenge will be live.

If I buy the calendar for my friends how do I gift it to them?
You will just let us know their email address and we will do the rest. 

How do i get the app?
We will send you the link and all the instruction's to download the app. 

What happens if I don’t have PayPal?
Contact support@angharadowen.com and we shall send you a payment link.


Any other questions, drop us a line right here. 


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