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Welcome Queen To Your Free Gift, 

Here is sneak peak into some of the content from the Unleash Your You -  6 Month program that's for women ready to unlock deep inner shifts that infuse every cell of their being with vibrant energy to ignite a passionate fire within.

Here is a masterclass, some journal prompts, and a sacred body breathwork session to support you in redefining your body, mind, and life through a lens of honor.

I am presenting to you an exclusive snippet from the extraordinary masterclass that will revolutionise your perception of sexuality.


Get ready to witness the awe-inspiring "Honoring the Sacredness of Sexuality" session, that i teach in the 6 Month Unleash Your Your program. 

Journal Prompts:
Exploring the Sacred Essence of Sexuality

Imagine beholding your intimate journey through the lens of profound reverence.


What transformative possibilities unfold when you view your sexual life with a sacred gaze?

The Boundless Grace of Innocence:

Embrace the notion of innocence as an invitation to experience existence anew. How might perceiving the world with untarnished eyes enrich your encounters and encounters with others?

Awakening the Beginner's Mind:

Envision approaching each aspect of life as if encountering it for the first time. How does engaging with curiosity and openness, free from preconceptions, deepen your connection to the essence of existence?

Beyond Thought and Judgment:

Explore the realm of awareness that transcends the confines of thinking and judgment. How does stepping into this realm before the conditioning of the mind elevate your experiences and understanding?

Unveiling the Universality of Innocence:

Recognize the seed of innocence that resides within every being. How can accessing this core essence unlock a renewed vitality in how you engage with your body, your life, and your relationships?

The Liberation of Guilt-Free Sexuality:

Contemplate the liberation that accompanies embracing an innocent sexuality, untainted by guilt or shame. How might releasing judgment around your desires, pleasure, and actions create space for profound beauty and radiant light?

Gazing Through the Eyes of Fresh Innocence:

Take a moment to behold your physical form with eyes unburdened by familiarity. How does perceiving your body through the lens of fresh innocence invite deeper appreciation and reverence?


The Profound Lens of Innocence for Your Sexuality:

Reflect upon your sexuality with a gaze unclouded by preconceived notions. What truths emerge when you approach this dimension of your being with the purity of innocence and honor?

A Shift in Perception, a Shift in Life:

Contemplate the transformative power of sacred space. How does stepping into the realm of the sacred affect the way you perceive and navigate the various dimensions of your existence?

Feel free to explore these prompts in your journal, allowing the depth and sacredness of your reflections to guide your personal journey of self-discovery and growth.

Here you will find the audio link. 


For this Breathwork you want to: 


  • Have a comfortable, private space to lie down.

  • Lie down with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 

  • Keep your breath deep and connected, no pause on the inhale, no pause on the exhale.

  • Allow whatever is present within your body to arise and just bring loving presence and awareness to what is.

  • Don't eat anything heavy before the practice 

You may experience tingles throughout the body and a thing called tetany which is cramping of the hands. This is completely normal when doing breathwork, it means you are taking control down from your thinking brain and getting into your body. If you go into this just encourage your body to relax and breathe through this. 


Not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, has a history of seizures, epilepsy or any other serious medical condition. 

Enjoy, enjoy and don't forget you can always drop me a message if you have any questions or any insights you want to share. 

Breathwork audio here

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Now if you feel as if a vital part of you is held captive, longing to be set free then it is probably because of all the hard, painful stuff you have had to deal with in your lifetime. The chances are your body is still carrying it around like a heavy lead weight, causing anxiety, fear, self doubt and overwhelm but also blocking off your connection to your innate life force energy.

That's why i created Unleash Your You - The now 7 month Breathwork and Holistic Sexuality Program!

This incredible journey is all about unlocking deep inner shifts that will infuse every cell of your being with vibrant energy and ignite a passionate fire within.

Through understanding the language of your body, you'll have the ability to rewire your nervous system, address past traumas, find swift resolutions for mental challenges, and unlock your personal power.

This program empowers you to navigate life effortlessly and embrace your most authentic, embodied self.


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