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Foundational Safety Meditation 

🔸The most important fundamental thing to be able to thrive sexually is anchoring safety in the mind and body. 


🔸 As women many of us have experienced situations related to our sexuality that did not feel safe to our nervous systems.


🔸 NOT having a sense of safety in the body can lead to shame around sexuality, pain during sex, repeated unhealthy patterns in relationship, numbness, shutdown.... the list goes on and on.

I wanted to give your nervous system a little head start to prepare for our 3 day experience and am dropping in with a 5 minute FREE guided meditation that's going to help you to start anchoring a sense of safety into your nervous system. 🥰


Try to do this a few times before we begin on 1st October, its not essential but just a little extra support. 


Excuse any sound quality, I've been away from my home while doing this and didn't bring the pro set up to record this. 

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