Holistic Sexuality and Breathwork expert Angharad Owen presents........


(Very Rare)


to help you create a vision of who you desire to be sexually, uncover and fully understand your blockages holding you back from sexually thriving and breathe aliveness into your innate sexual goddess. 


17TH, 18TH, 19TH AUGUST 2020

What you will learn in the FREE 3 day online retreat : 

starting 17th august (vALUED AT £297)

17th August - Rewire your sexual goddess mind 

We will work to discover what YOUR sexual goddess truth is.  You will dig deep into who you truly desire to be and most importantly how you want to feel on a day to day basis.

I will guide you through a transformative re-wiring meditation and you will unearth your unvarnished truth through deep inquiry journaling. 


We will then delve into what negative belief systems, stresses or traumas are holding you back from fully thriving sexually on a mental level. 

These are then unearthed so we can move forward to day 2 where you will process and release them on a nervous system level. 

18th August - Release emotion's holding you back from fully thriving

You will learn how to release trapped emotions related to your negative belief systems around sexuality.

It's fundamental if you want to deeply heal, to process this on a mind and nervous system level. We will be releasing these emotions and beliefs through a deep embodied breathwork process. 

This enable’s you to complete stress cycle’s that if not processed hold you back from stepping into fully thriving. 

19th August - Supercharge your sexual goddess & ignite your pleasure

I will guide you through a deep pleasure filled Breathwork process where you will embody a sense of safety in your nervous system so you can them step into shaking up that vibrational pleasure in your body. 


This FREE 'Supercharge your Sexual Goddess' online retreat will: 

  • Increase s€xual desire in your life. 


  • Get you out of your head and into your body and pleasure.


  • Teach you how to access states of surrender. 


  • Bring awareness to any blocks you have around your sexuality. 


  • Allow your nervous system to release emotions holding you back from sexually thriving. 


  • Bring alive your desires of how you truly want to feel each day.