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Think of all the hard, painful stuff you have had to deal with in your lifetime, chances are your body is still carrying it around like a heavy lead weight, causing anxiety, fear, self doubt and overwhelm.

This is the 9 week breathwork adventure to end your betrayal of your body so that you eject that excess baggage living inside of your cells by learning it’s language to rapidly resolve the problems of your mind.

JOIN TODAY FOR JUST (Payment plan) 

Keep reading to discover what this could mean for your life moving forward….

     It’s the difference between waking up riddled with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and waking up genuinely excited to be you and feeling fully in love with life/ 

       The difference between having that constant voice in your head of ‘'you are not good enough, you are not attractive enough, you are not successful enough’’ and high fiving yourself for your awesomeness all day long. 

     The difference between being constantly triggered by other people and situations to feeling so relaxed, vibrant and full of energy and relishing in every unfolding life situation (no matter how intense) without fear or depression.

     The difference between dragging your ass to therapy again, wondering why you are not moving forward and screaming from the rooftops that in an hour's sessions you released 10 years worth of pain and are feeling light as a feather.

     The difference between feeling disconnected, rigid and uneasy in your body and being in absolute celebration of how epic you feel in your own skin.

Insert photo of me introducing......

photo of me shrugging 

Do you feel like you put a ton of effort into personal development and healing yet are astonished by how far away your dream of life being consistently good remains?
Are you dominated by the desire to control everything and figure everything out right now, which only leaves you stressed and anxious? 
Are you desperate to feel safe, loved and valued, but no matter how much money you make or how much material success you achieve, you're bombarded with feelings of scarcity and being "not enough"?

Do you have an abundance of ideas for how to improve yourself but end up overwhelmed and not taking action?
Do you sense there is something you have just not yet been able to access inside yourself yet that you know needs to be set free?
Are you over this 'love and light' spiritual fluff and actually want to let out your rage over the hard, painful stuff you have had to endure? 

photo raging

i was experiencing internal reactions of anger, fear and panic.

''She's taught me how to dump that shit thats not serving me.

I feel pretty damm peachy with the change that it's made to me and my internal reactions.''


Ami Collins- the Pilates Rebel 

Let me ask you a question:

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What if there was a reason you feel this way...

that is not your fault?
What if you could stop going backwards, stop feeling in a funk, stop feeling confused…

...and start finally living how you want to, TODAY.

...trying to heal the invasive inner critics in my head telling me I wasn't good enough, you are ugly, my life is shit, and I will never be successful.

...getting cancer every few years and suffering from auto immune disorders.

...wishing my parents would finally be proud of me for something. 

...having a succession of train wreck relationships

...being haunted by my traumatic past. 

Yes, it was pretty shitty! 

At one point in my life, I was right where you are. I get how hard it is. 
A self-proclaimed 'self-help junkie' who was trying anything and everything but couldn't seem to get unstuck or move forward. 


I get it. 
I spent up to the age of 26…. (I'm now 36, looking good, i know, thank you!)

insert photo xombie head buzzing body 

In 2015 I said to myself, I have to find a way to heal, or I am killing myself and checking out of this body and mind.


I gave myself 6 months and went all over the world trying EVERYTHING I could to get some relief.

Nearing the end of my 6-month life deadline, I found myself in Rishikesh in, India, staying in a 'hotel' room (i used that word lightly, it was more like a prison cell) and took part in my first ever breathwork session. 

This gave me hope. During the session, I was screaming and punching, with the image of my sexual abuser in front of me. It was wild.

I was left feeling unsafe from inadequate facilitation BUT I realised..........

I had been trying to heal with my mind when

91% of my personality structure was my body, that I had neglected. 

That’s exactly why I created The Breakthrough Breakthrough so you have a space to give your body the attention it needs to break through your monkey mind. 


You can join today from.000 per month.


Over my years of practice, I have been connected to a power greater than you and me. 
That power can help you overcome past pain and trauma. 
It can even support you in turning your trauma or negative self-stories into more power to live the life you are truly capable of experiencing. 
I've dedicated the last decade and well over 16,000 client hours to helping clients from all walks of life do the same.
From this vast experience, I have a proven, tested nervous system adventure map to radically transform your mind quickly by using the breath to activate the language of your body. 
I can teach you the exact step-by-step process you need to surrender into blissful trust with the deeply embedded knowledge of how to do life with ease. 

Well,consider this page a digital
red carpet rolling out just for your nervous system. 


add gif me rolling out the red carpet dressed as nervous system 

Each breakthrough is expertly crafted so that you can finally...


PHOTO OF legs with roots coming off

profesor nervous system 

take drill to nervous system

massage muscle body outfit

Become a ninja at using the breathe to understand the language of your body in order to resolve the problems of your mind.



Unearth the root cause of your monkey mind's issues so that you can heal from the source. 

Understand your body's current personality structure that your nervous system energetically holds so that you can facilitate the release and rewiring needed to restore yourself to your glorious natural state of being. 

Restore your body and brain connection so your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively affect your biological functioning. 

Release conscious or unconscious chronic muscular tension that has been structured in the body - a fundamental step in overcoming feelings, behaviours, and attitudes that detract from a happy life. 

''I'm finally unlocking these little hidden areas's that i hadn't been been able to get to that were deep seated belief systems about myself or society or things that have held me back where i felt like i had been tethered.


I'm discovering i am able to get further in life and it bring a sense of happiness and hope i have not had for a long time. ''


the breakthrough map 

5. Self Belief 


Upgrade your nervous system's automatic response from constantly registering unsafety to having a solid foundation of safety. Make this your baseline reality so that you can truly express yourself, go for what you want, have firm boundaries and be out there in the world confidently. 

2. love heals

Go deep into releasing the physical layers of pain, family influences, fear, and broken hearts that have formed the blockages against your everyday experiences of love, self-love and joyful bliss.

3. Discharging repressed emotions at a cellular level

Build a resilience to all emotional states by going underneath the surface of the trigger-and-response through turning your attention to the autonomic nervous 

Become a master at knowing how to discharge stress from your nervous system and  teach your body how to move beyond the stress to create a lasting state of inner peace. 

4. Building emotional tolerance 

Train your body to maintain a level of emotional maturity and evolution. Become versed in feeling comfortable with fear, shame, grief and anger so these emotions are no longer challenging in day to day life.

Release the cellular wounding of these emotions so you no longer have to fight and resist activating your pain.

Cut deep into the primal brain structures that are housing your inner critics to release the locked down negative beliefs that are sabotaging your mind. 

Learn how to soften their attacks and reprogram your neural pathways and bodies reactions with positive self confidence so you can va-va-voom out in life. 

6. Recondition the nervous system damaged by abandonment 

Unearth the main ingredients that internalized in your nervous system that fuel your fear of abandonment. 

Examine the way your nervous system defends itself against rejection and how it maybe sabotaging your relationships. 

Train your nervous system to build its capacity to handle the feelings of abandonment and learnt the lifelong tool of knowing how to readjust your inner state when it arises. 

7. Healing the pas

Bypass the conscious mind and deactivate the sympathetic nervous system to allow suppressed thoughts and stored emotions from the time of traumatic events to easily move towards the surface and be released.


Once we gain mastery over our bodily feelings related to challenging life events our fear of life diminishes and we have a greater self confidence, we are willing to take greater chances because we know we can handle the sensations of the emotions within our bodies. 

8. Inner Decisions  

Train your mind to work with the truth in your bodies, get a clear perspective and tune into what really matters, clearing the monkey mind bullshit out of the way. 

9. Recovering joy, surrendering to the body  

This energetic breathwork practise allows you to leave everything controlling you behind. 


A session that guides you into altered states of consciousness so you can embrace the unknown, embrace the divinity that's beyond your thoughts and current awareness and land back to the pure state of joy in your body you were born with, boom aka sha! 


The breath is such an incredible key to access these parts of ourselves that needs to be expressed. 

is you nervous system like: 

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''This sounds too good to be true?


You have finally found me what I've been needing out for years"?

picture of me dressed as nervous system looking up- going no way......

There is no doubt about it…

When the breath hits those cells inside of your body and releases that stagnant energy.......

 ...you are restored to the most magnificent joy and pleasure, ready and open to new opportunities. 

…life-long struggles for fulfilment rapidly resolve.

…incredible synchronicities start swooping in thick and fast.

… a wild stream of inspiration & opportunity opens up.

… relationships get more connected and passionate than ever before.

… money breezes in a way that feels divinely easy 

… and generally: things get fu*king awesome! 

the modality that can take you 10 years deeper than talk therapy in one session

Leah run's a mental health charity and had her mind blown after just 1 session.

''It released so much tension and allowed me to heal in way's i didn't even realise i needed to heal from''. 

After seeing 1,000s of students have profound success with my therapy based breathwork I knew this needed to be a clearly structured, easy to follow, rapid results adventure.  

testmonial add sam collins 


Access For One Year

9 x video masterclasses on 9 fundamental topics to support you to gain a real-world understanding of whats needed to revive your mind-body connection, LIVE for one time only or at your own pace. (Value: £000)

9 x deep dive 1 hour transformational breathwork breakthroughs so that you can get to the root of your issues, release the cellular level trauma and surrender to joy at a rapid pace.  (Value: )

9 x LIVE online breathwork sessions with live coaching. This round only! A chance to be part of the experience live each week . (Value: )

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9 x weeks of 15-minute breathwork practises that anchor in the rewiring of your system for life. (Value: £000)

Access to the private community facebook support group (Value: £100)

BONUS - Coming back to safety meditation 

Every time you feel anxious, fearful, or overwhelmed, pop this on to ground yourself back to calm.(Value: £00)

Rise from Fear to Safety  - 6 rewiring practises to implement into your daily life to recondition your nervous system from fear to safety. This bonus supports you in mastering a self soothed daily life experience, it's invaluble! (Value: £249)

What am I afraid of? (not available anywhere else).

An introspective journey to undertake each day for 30 days that will strip away layers of fear and doubt, that will bring your unconscious fears to the surface and allow you to release them, this has been a game changer for many clients. (Value: £397)



Regular Price: £0000

Today's Special Price: 
$00/month x 5

$000 (One-Time Payment)




Plus, to make The Breathwork Breakthrough extra special, I’m including these limited-time bonuses:

Like all good parties,

this one has to come to an end...

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So take a full leap to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary with this offer while you still can, it will never be this price again! 

The doors will close on May 16th at 6pm GMT, and the one-off prices you see today will disappear.

EARLY BIRD BONUS - valid until: 


Time Is Of The Essence. Here's Why.

I don't have a crystal ball on your life, but I have been in this therapeutic world since 2015 and here's what I see coming in the near future if you don't resolve the root of your issues now. 

Your anxiety, stress, fear and overwhelm will continue and become a more significant challenge to deal with in the future. 

You will weaken your immune system by having these weighted repressed emotions sitting on top of your organs. 

Your inner critics will become more intense and stop you from blossoming into the most magnificent piece of art you can be. 

Your life events keep having blocks, don't flow well, and everything feels like efforting. 

Your relationships remain average or poor, and you spend another year of your life lacking the excellent life experience of internal love. 

The GOOD news is that by starting today, you will be well on the road to shifting all the bullshit and living a vibrant, flowing life full of energy and shine. 




Intensive conscious connected breathing breathwork sessions.


The program that works with the language of your body to resolve the problems of your mind. 

It gives you a real world understanding of the core fundamental issues of a dis-regulated life and nervous system that must be resolved for results.

Designed in a way for you to get the most rapid shifts out of the time you put in.

A self-paced online course (with the option to be LIVE for this for this round only) paired with 9 guided weeks of daily breathwork sessions so that you can rewire your entire nervous system. 

Directed to teach you the tools so that you can continue regulating yourself for the rest of your life.