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Think of all the hard, painful stuff you have had to deal with in your lifetime, chances are your body is still carrying it around like a heavy lead weight, causing anxiety, fear, self doubt and overwhelm.

This is the 9 week breathwork adventure to end your betrayal of your body so that you eject that excess baggage living inside of your cells by learning it’s language to rapidly resolve the problems of your mind.

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Keep reading to discover what this could mean for your life moving forward….

     It’s the difference between waking up riddled with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and waking up genuinely excited to be you and feeling fully in love with life/ 

       The difference between having that constant voice in your head of ‘'you are not good enough, you are not attractive enough, you are not successful enough’’ and high fiving yourself for your awesomeness all day long. 

     The difference between being constantly triggered by other people and situations to feeling so relaxed, vibrant and full of energy and relishing in every unfolding life situation (no matter how intense) without fear or depression.

     The difference between dragging your ass to therapy again, wondering why you are not moving forward and screaming from the rooftops that in an hour's sessions you released 10 years worth of pain and are feeling light as a feather.

     The difference between feeling disconnected, rigid and uneasy in your body and being in absolute celebration of how epic you feel in your own skin.

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photo of me shrugging 

Do you feel like you put a ton of effort into personal development and healing yet are astonished by how far away your dream of life being consistently good remains?
Are you dominated by the desire to control everything and figure everything out right now, which only leaves you stressed and anxious? 
Are you desperate to feel safe, loved and valued, but no matter how much money you make or how much material success you achieve, you're bombarded with feelings of scarcity and being "not enough"?

Do you have an abundance of ideas for how to improve yourself but end up overwhelmed and not taking action?
Do you sense there is something you have just not yet been able to access inside yourself yet that you know needs to be set free?
Are you over this 'love and light' spiritual fluff and actually want to let out your rage over the hard, painful stuff you have had to endure? 

photo raging

i was experiencing internal reactions of anger, fear and panic.

''She's taught me how to dump that shit thats not serving me.

I feel pretty damm peachy with the change that it's made to me and my internal reactions.''


Ami Collins- the Pilates Rebel 

Let me ask you a question:

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What if there was a reason you feel this way...

that is not your fault?
What if you could stop going backwards, stop feeling in a funk, stop feeling confused…

...and start finally living how you want to, TODAY.

...trying to heal the invasive inner critics in my head telling me I wasn't good enough, you are ugly, my life is shit, and I will never be successful.

...getting cancer every few years and suffering from auto immune disorders.

...wishing my parents would finally be proud of me for something. 

...having a succession of train wreck relationships

...being haunted by my traumatic past. 

Yes, it was pretty shitty! 

At one point in my life, I was right where you are. I get how hard it is. 
A self-proclaimed 'self-help junkie' who was trying anything and everything but couldn't seem to get unstuck or move forward. 


I get it. 
I spent up to the age of 26…. (I'm now 36, looking good, i know, thank you!)

insert photo xombie head buzzing body 

In 2015 I said to myself, I have to find a way to heal, or I am killing myself and checking out of this body and mind.


I gave myself 6 months and went all over the world trying EVERYTHING I could to get some relief.

Nearing the end of my 6-month life deadline, I found myself in Rishikesh in, India, staying in a 'hotel' room (i used that word lightly, it was more like a prison cell) and took part in my first ever breathwork session. 

This gave me hope. During the session, I was screaming and punching, with the image of my sexual abuser in front of me. It was wild.

I was left feeling unsafe from inadequate facilitation BUT I realised..........

I had been trying to heal with my mind when

91% of my personality structure was my body, that I had neglected. 

That’s exactly why I created The Breakthrough Breakthrough so you have a space to give your body the attention it needs to break through your monkey mind. 


You can join today from.000 per month.