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Please STOP trying to repress your anxiety and come join me to take a dive on into it via: 

This is the experience where you can say a big hello to the anxiety in your body and learn game-changing breathwork techniques that will take your nervous system regulation abilities further than you ever thought possible so that you can finally create inner peace in just 1.5 hours.

get your ticket today for just £9 (And invite a friend, father, brother or a stranger for free)! 

get your ticket today for just £9 (And invite a friend, father, brother or a stranger for free)! 

A bold statement, I know, but I've seen it with my own eyes happen thousands of times over so come and feel for yourself!

tuesday 24th sept 
11:00 am gmt 
recorded and replay available 


This is a LIVE RECORDED somatic breathwork workshop for those living with



fear and



who are ready to learn new ninja-style skills for overcoming these emotional states and challenge themselves to uncover what's going beneath the surface.

You will MASTER an inner state of peace AND a lifelong skill in just 1.5 short hours!

Save hours on trying to meditate, journal and pray your way out of your anxiety, and teach your nervous system that it can be done at a relatively fun, rapid rate! 

You will MASTER an inner state of peace AND a lifelong skill in just 1.5 short hours!

i was experiencing internal reactions of anger, fear and panic.

''She's taught me how to dump that shit thats not serving me.

I feel pretty damm peachy with the change that it's made to me and my internal reactions.''


Ami Collins- the Pilates Rebel 

     ​​It's 9 AM, your body has already contracted, you are looping in continuous negative thoughts, and it's another day of life feeling hard.

       You are overwhelmed with how much you have to get done, and your head feels like it is going to explode. 

    You received a WhatsApp message about work that triggered you, and you have this gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach that makes you want to throw up.

     The intrusive thoughts march on in for the day: "you are a failure, you are not good enough, you will always be this way''.

    You end up procrastinating instead of taking any action, as it all just feels too much.

     You decide to cancel all your social activities as you want to be alone even though you are afraid of being lonely.

These all-too-familiar triggers accelerate your anxiety even further.

You may have noticed that the wellness industry has exploded, and stress relief is a new-age buzzword.

But what's going to work for me – and when – and why?

Typing to recover from anxiety can cause anxiety itself! 


Multiple blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube videos showcase different techniques... What's an overwhelmed person to do?

You're not alone if you've ever felt like:

You know that your health is suffering due to your emotional state, you have tried therapy, meditations, crystal healings and positive affirmations, but nothing worked. You are at your witt’s end and have no idea what to do. 


You are feeling somewhat numb other than your anxiety-ridden head spinning around in circles and having a disconnect from life. 


You're ready to throw in the towel and give up. You're done wasting time, money and energy on trying to feel better. 

How do I know? I can 100% relate to where you're at now.


Once upon a time, I was the anxiety-riddled girl, sensing everything as a danger that longed to be the person who radiated joy each day and enjoyed living. 


It wasn't until I finally discovered Breathwork and specific nervous system reset techniques that I gained the trust and confidence I needed to feel fabulous in the world again. 

That's precisely why I'm offering this workshop that will support you in alleviating your anxiety at a ridiculously low price.

And if you register today you get to invite a friend who also maybe struggling for free!

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I could never have dreamed I would feel this good.


The Anxiety Plunge is a ONLINE live breathwork workshop for those ready to use the language of the body to resolve the problems of the mind.

Just £9 for a limited time only. 


Imagine finally being able to…


★ wake up genuinely excited to be you and feeling joyful for the day ahead. 


★ Have voices march on into your head telling you you are absolutely awesome and you can do anything! 


★ Deal with external triggers without them spending them into a downward spin you can't get out of


★ Scream from your rooftops that you released 10 years' worth of pain in an hour's session and feel light as a feather.


★ Know you have finally found something that gets you from anxiety to peace. 

''I'm finally unlocking these little hidden areas's that i hadn't been been able to get to that were deep seated belief systems about myself or society or things that have held me back where i felt like i had been tethered.


I'm discovering i am able to get further in life and it bring a sense of happiness and hope i have not had for a long time. ''


With The Anxiety Plunge, you're getting:

 A masterclass on the importance of understanding the language of your body to resolve the anxiety in your mind. (Value: £50)

Exclusive live breathwork workshop so that you can get to the root of your issues, release the cellular level trauma and surrender to joy rapidly.  (Value: £60 )

A pre-recorded introduction to Breathwork so you can prepare yourself for the session. (Value: £25)

Access to the replay for 10 days so you can do it all over again or catch up if you missed the live. (Value: £25)

Plus, to make this Anxiety Plunge extra giving, I'm including this limited-time bonus:

BONUS - Invite someone for free. Invite a friend, sister, brother, or stranger who may benefit from this too for FREE (Value: £160). 

today only


Regular Price: £320

Today's Special Price: £9

Just for a limited time! Until 12/1 when the clock strikes Midnight EST.


"But why now?
Why is this important today?"

Aside from this bargain price disappearing (😉), you'll want to jump on this today for a

few reasons:

  • If you don't resolve it now, your anxiety,