Hey there!

I'm Angharad......

Do you desire deeper connection in your life? Do you have a deep yearning to feel more alive and turned on? Would more creative flow and a deep sense of wholeness allow you to start seriously thriving in all areas of your life? Have you been doing a lot of the inner work but still feel there's something not quite clicking? 

I'm here to help you revolutionise the relationship you have with yourself by supporting you to cultivate what's already deep within you. 

I believe a thriving intimate relationship with yourself is more than just how you perform in the bedroom. It's the basis of how you feel inside each day, it's how you show yourself love, it's how intimate you can allow yourself be in friendships and relationships and it has a profound influence on your creativity.

Through my unique coaching approach, I'll guide you through 

clearing out the darkness that's been holding you back and show you how to replace it with your biggest, wildest desires 

through mastering your emotional ecology and rewiring your system to shine from a basis of pleasure. You will kick-start your creative juices enabling you to create the career and life you truly want to live. 

My approach gives you the real life tools to unlock your full potential. You can easily incorporate my methods into your everyday busy life AND we shall laugh together, cry, scream, rage and shout hell yes's from the rooftops as we are doing it!

A little bit of my story

Did i just land on this planet as a this sexually empowered being, the answer is NO, it took work.

I suffered sexual abuse as a young child which left me feeling pretty fuc*ked up around my sexuality.

I started my own business at 21 and had great success with my entrenpenuerial spirit for many years. I was doing great at business but was so in my HEAD and had lost all intimate connection with myself and people around me. 

I randomly ended up in Asia to a place that felt like absolute hell, first time i had ever tried meditating and i entered 10 day silent Buddhist meditation which turned out to radically alter my life for the better! 

I continued from there to study Tantra in Asia where my journey began with unlocking the stuck trauma i was unaware i was carrying from childhood through breath work and embodiment practise's.

I was blown away with the power and depth of the transformation possible with this work and decided my purpose here on this planet was to support others how to live from the 'power' their bodies hold, so i  studied our emotional bodies and sexuality and became a sex, love and relationships coach and transformational Breathwork facilitator.


In other news i have battled 3 times with life threatening, near death illness's, they call me a 19 live's cat, i survived them all but most impressively healed myself with holistic medicine and the power of my mind and body.

Each experience has taken me into a vortex of life's toughest, darkest moments and brought me back out to having a thriving relationship with myself and others alongside gaining a deep sense of truly knowing who i am, why i am and what how i deeply desire to live and this is as the EMBODIED, ALIVE me. 

I’ve trained at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality as one of the top 1% of coaches in the Sex, Love and Relationship field. Alongside this i have spent months in Asia studying at some of the top Tantra schools, taken part in endless workshops in this area and have studied  extensively with various Breathwork Institute's and best of all thrive practicing as a facilitator. 

Studying this work has been profound but experiencing it in real life over and over again is whats secured my wisdom with it all. 

Shit happens in life its how we deal with it that counts!