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Breath work is my jam! It's an 'off the scale' powerful therapy that helps open the

body and mind up from its areas of shutdown into a place of freedom and pleasure. 


Breathwork for Trauma Release

Working with the areas in the body and nervous system where there are stagnant emotions or trauma blockages, we use the breath to aid release. When we suffer a trauma and our bodies are unable to complete the stress-cycle the trauma gets locked down in our bodies. Without the opportunity for this to be released it can lie stuck within us and ultimately, these locked down emotional traumas can have a negative effect on our everyday lives. 


Trauma can take many forms and something that may seem minor can have a dramatic effect on our lives.  We have all suffered trauma in some form, whether it be from society or cultures we grew up in, to childhood conditioning through to cases of emotional or physical abuse. Something as insignificant as being told off for running around naked as a child can show up as tensions in the body or habitual patterns later in life. 

We don't just stop at releasing this tension. The most important thing to me is that we replace that nitty gritty dirt we clear with feelings of joy, self-love, deep relaxation, sensuality and most important of all empowering your body and mind for permanent change. Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us.

Breathwork for Emotional Freedom

I see over and over again in clients a strong resistance around feeling emotions.


It is common to numb and avoid emotion as the reality of what we perceive we may feel is terrifying.

There can also be a tendency to remain stuck in an emotional state creating tension in the body alongside

an inability to move on from traumatic life events.


 Being able to create emotional fluidity allows us to balance the highs and lows, it also allows us to express our true selves which serves us better in friendships, relationships and careers. It enriches our sex lives alongside keeping our physical bodies in a good state of health, something I have witnessed over and over again in clients and in my own life.


In my workshops and private sessions I will guide you through deep feeling and expression of emotional states that can  ordinarily be difficult to access or move through. 

Breathwork for Pleasure

I also use breathwork as a 'supercharger' to access more pleasure within the body. If you have been feeling numb, lacking in energy, stuck or have loss of pleasure sensation, I have created unique processes that can guide you into ALIVENESS. 


There's usually a whole lot of tears, laughter, weird sensations and what some would call craziness during our sessions,

please be reassured that nothing phases me, I have seen it all!


This is a truly unique experience that helps facilitate the primal brain imprint as we are able to melt away the cortical control in the brain (that overthinking brain) that sometimes protects us from feeling deeper emotional states and in turn allows the deeper things to rise up. 


 It is something that can greatly impact your life, simply using what keep us alive each day - our breath!

Breathe in Pleasure - Breathe out Bullshit

My breath work Journey

I first came across a form of breathwork in India many years ago. I had been rather shut down emotionally and sexually and had an experience where I released blocked trauma from my sexual abuse as a child. It was so powerful, I was so shocked by the power of breath that I became hungry for more.


A big part of my studies as a Sex, Love and Relationships coach was incorporating breath work. I regularly practiced for over 2 years which, combined with other practices radically changed my life.


I saw limiting patterns within me that I never saw before. I released the blockages that were stuck within me that had stopped me from being able to live my greatest desires and the phrase ‘emotional wellbeing' took on a whole new meaning.


I then went on to spend some time in Mexico going intensively deep into myself through breath and that’s when I realised the potential that breath work has for optimising pleasure. I went into ‘out of this world’ ecstatic states of pleasure, to be honest it was like I’d taken some ‘happy drug’! I truly unleashed my primal, wild, pleasure-filled self.


My body has become so receptive and alive to every sensation within it through using the 5 elements process. It’s given me emotional freedom and now my body’s intuition guides me in life. I used to live out of my head, I was always stuck in mind chatter. My biggest gain has been learning to surrender. 


Another important factor in my personal breathwork journey is the use of energy. I used to think people were a little nutty and woo woo when they talked about energy, that was until I started to actually feel it for myself! Breathing into my body, clearing the blockages away and focusing my attention on what is physically within me has allowed energy to flow freely in my body. This has enabled me to experience my fullest pleasure, to have full body orgasms. My nervous system is now a happy chappy as it now lives in a state of full radiant pleasure.


I went on to study even further with various breathwork institutes in which I truly found my love of facilitating the powerful transformations this therapy brings. I now create my own unique sessions and workshops, combining my personal experience of the transformative power of breathwork with my in-depth training and  passion for creating a space for pleasure in the lives of my clients.

Thinking about your feelings is not the same as feeling them

1:1 Bespoke sessions

What will WE DO TOGeTHER?

We will:

  • work online or in person


  • work with a 5 elements approach consisting of deep connected breathing, conscious touch, emotional release, movement and sound


  • support your body’s natural process for releasing chronic tension


  • transform self-restricting patterns and emotional trauma into your greatest desires


  • target specific issues relating to your individual needs


  • bring to light things that are often hidden and unknown, connecting unconscious patterns to past events


  • allow your more choice to act with awareness, intimacy and connection to others


  • re-vitalise your body’s energy and your mind’s neuronal pathways

  • laugh, cry, shout, scream and be outrageous! 


  • Following an initial consultation, we will create a bespoke program designed around your individual needs 

  • You will experience in-depth breathwork sessions working on opening energy pathways in the body

  • You will get take home, tailor-made daily practices that fit in with your everyday life

  • You will have email access to me during the length throughout the course duration.

Client experiences 

 I participated in Angharad’s breathwork workshops on numerous occasions, and am positively impressed.  I was able to deal with some “buried” emotions, and in the process I learned a lot about my limiting beliefs and how they are holding me back. By shining the light on those limiting beliefs and bringing them into awareness, I have been able to make subtle changes to my perception of reality and of myself, which has been transformative. Thank you Angharad for paving the road less travelled with your light!

Sandra marks - social media marketer - spain





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