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Here's a question for you? 

What if you were able to heal your emotional and sexual challenges and enjoy your life living from your full potential? 

sound too good to be true?Hang tight, I'm about to show you how

Are you tired of carrying around all that emotional and sexual baggage? 
Do you feel like your full potential is just out of reach
Well, have no fear because I'm here to make healing and growth possible, rapidly. 
This is where you'll learn my 5 steps to release emotional and sexual trauma from your body and tap into your inner awesomeness using Tantric Breathwork and Holistic Sexual Healing principles.
We'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll get in touch with our inner selves in ways you never thought possible. 
You'll discover how to breathe your way to emotional and sexual wellbeing, release all that negative energy holding you back, and embrace your full potential like the Queen you are.
Check out the 5 steps below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Let's start by creating a safety net in your nervous system, so your body can finally relax and let that sh*t go!


Say goodbye to those pesky limiting beliefs and traumas that have been holding you back. Let's reprogram that beautiful brain of yours and get you focused on what you really want in life, whether it's in the bedroom, in your career, or just feeling confident and fulfilled overall.

Time to uncover those sneaky subconscious blocks that have been limiting your potential. It's time to make some badass choices and unleash your inner power!

Those trapped emotions related to your relational and sexual experiences? Yeah, it's time to let them go. Let's deeply heal your mind and nervous system, so you can finally move on and up.


Finally, let's raise that nervous system vibration and experience some full-bodied pleasure, baby! You deserve a fu*king magnificent sex life, so let's get to it!






Say goodbye to feeling stuck and hello to the motivation you need to create the lasting change you've been dreaming of.

feel empowered to work through any blocks that come your way, no matter how big or small.

Start speaking the language of your body today and discover a fulfilling, engaging path to wholeness. 

This is for you if:
  • Are you tired of carrying the weight of emotional, sexual, or intimate trauma in your life?

  • You know there's more to be had in your sexual life, but you're not sure how to get there.

  • You want proven steps that help you up-level in your sexual life and become your most vibrant, alive, embodied self. 

  • You want the tools to be able to release what's holding you back and the guidance to boast and embody your desired feelings. 


12 - 13 - 14 october

online via zoom 

live @
12th oct - 18:30 pm gmt - 19:30 cet
13th oct  - 18:30 pm gmt - 19:30 cet 
14th oct  - 09:30 am gmt - 10:30 cet  

early early bird
 first 20 spots £39
 and invite a friend for free

early bird

 next 20 spots £59
and invite a friend for free


It is best to attend live but session recordings will be available 

Stories from the last expereince

Meet Angharad Owen, the expert who has been empowering women to reclaim their sexual potential since 2015.


With her extensive training and knowledge in Tantra, Taoism, and Breathwork, she has been recognized as the 'Breathwork Queen' and has studied under the guidance of world-renowned leaders in these fields.

Angharad has dedicated three and a half years to training at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, and she is a fully certified Sex Love and Relationship coach.


What sets Angharad apart from the rest is her unwavering commitment to practicing what she preaches daily, earning the trust and admiration of her clients.

Her 7-week and 6-month group programs are designed to transform women's lives and enable them to embody their sexuality.


Angharad has emerged as a leader in making embodiment work relatable and accessible for the modern-day woman, revolutionizing the way women approach their sexual health and wellness.

With Angharad's guidance, women have reported rapid and meaningful changes in their realities, and her impact on their lives is profound. Experience the transformational power of Angharad's teachings and unlock your sexual potential with the support of this incredible expert.


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