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female creatives, entrepreneur's and change makers


who are a big fat YES to unlocking their full potential by liberating their powerful sexual energy source and harnessing it for full on confidence, infinite power and worldy impact. 

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“Sexual desire is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, women develop a boundless imagination, courage, willpower, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times’’. 

When a woman is detached from her sexuality,

her body and her vagina, she is living AT a tremendous disadvantage. 

Women all over the world are suffering from not having enough pleasure-filled sexual energy in their lives. 

The knock-on effects of this pour over into all areas of their lives, relationships, careers, dating, friendships, health and finances. 

Everything gets affected by this and greatly affects your ability to live at your greatest potential. 

Our bodies and vaginas are magical, they have their own wisdom, they know their boundaries, they create life force energy, they can experience cosmic states of pleasure that connect us to our higher source of consciousness and well they have the capacity to give us infinite amounts of deep, rich orgasms and I mean they give birth, enough said! ​

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And listen up, every single woman has the capability to switch her inbuilt power source fully on.

The deeper you go inside of yourself the higher you rise. 

The root principles of this journey are that sexuality is exquisitely magnificent, that the female body is an awe inspiring place of authentic beauty, that pure love is a supporter of our greatest desires, and that cultivating our powerful primal energy source is key for living a vibrant,  joyful, alive, abundant life.


Everyone who is birthed into this world is born with a body of pure love and joy.


However, layers of pain, family influences, disappointment, fear, and broken hearts form blockages against the everyday experiences of love and self-love.


The capability to love yourself and others forms the groundwork for all healthy and lustful relationships and is the basis of all incredible sexual experiences. 

It also holds the keys to thriving in life creatively and financially. 


It is fundamental to understand how to unblock and feel deep love for yourself to be able to move into great sexual experiences, soulful relationships and to live a turned on life.


Love is the root of the intimacy that we all hunger for, and intimacy is the magic ingredient that brings sex, relationships and careers alive.


Every one of us is capable of experiencing a thriving, vibrant, and healthy life and sexuality.


Almost everyone loses touch with this original power at some point in their lives , resulting in damaged relationships and/or depression, financial issues, sadness, pain, numbness, and sexual problems.


A healthy sexuality and emotional body that is nourished and understood forms the base of all excellent relationships, careers and financial abundance.


Sex and money are both born out of our creative energy and are undeniably related. The 2 most taboo topics in this world, when you nail these, everything else is easy! 


Sexuality is such a core piece of our bodies and selves, it is basically impossible to love yourself without a deep-rooted framework of love and acceptance of the core essence of your sexuality.

There’s essence, there’s truth that goes beyond what the mind itself can comprehend and that is pure experience.

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The more you can deconstruct what you have been taught and what has been imprinted into your nervous system, and become your own laboratory, the closer you get to the truth and the closer you get to you, which means you get to feel comfortable in your own skin and your own mind. 

Does this sound like you? 

  • You are ready to use your pleasure filled energy to fuel your business and align with your purpose.

  • You desire to show up as the most REAL version of yourself who everyone is magnetized towards. 

  • Passionate, intimate sex and relationships are a big goal in your life, you are ready to feel a deep sense of pleasure filled surrender in your body on a regular basis.

  • I know i have a bigger purpose, more gifts and services to offer i just need to activate my sexual energy to tap into my boundless abundance of energetic creativity. 

  • I'm done with hustle and ready to execute my creative projects from a fun, joyful, pleasure filled place replacing the hard graft for radical flow. 

  • I'm over feeling sad, angry, raging, fearful, depressed, scared, and insecure and ready to be a powerful magnetic super confident wild sexy goddess warrior woman.

  • I desire to re-code my body to come from a heart aligned space. 

  • I'm done with self judgment, criticism and low self worth that holds me back in life and ready to love myself as i am and love my own body as it is. I want to have a mad love affair with myself and inspire the world around me to do the same.

  • Experiencing emotional and physical pain-free sensual connection to myself and my partner is my key to  thriving in life. 

  • I want to regularly have access to higher states of consciousness through training my vagina to orgasm through deep penetration and i'm a hell yas to experiencing incredible G-spot and Cervical orgasms that send me into infinite space of creation. 

  • It's time i embodied a deep sense of confidence in ALL areas of my life.

  • I'm ready to access my own natural psychedelic spaces through self pleasure and open up to the divine source of wisdom available to me. 


When you show up, when you dare, the impossible becomes possible

This program is for you if you experience ...... 

  • Struggle’s with your sex-life and your sensuality – pain, no desire, experiencing your whole body freeze up when your partner approaches?

  • Persistent shame from past relationships or conditioning from society and your parents?

  • A numb vagina resulting in a tremendous lack of sexual energy to fuel your life?

  • Sexual trauma from past events holding you back in life?

  • A craving for a deeper connection with yourself and intimacy in your sex life and relationships?

  • Feeling frozen, disconnected, or shut down in parts of your body, life, relationships, or career?

  • ​Avoidance of sex because of pain, frustration, and sadness, and feeling broke as a result of it?

  • A desire to be a fully liberated, tantric goddess who shakes up the world with her pleasure filled energy? 

  • Struggles with regulating your emotional states, getting stuck in lower vibe cycles? 

  • You get that deep niggle there is more to be had from life and have not yet activated your primal , powerful, sexual energy source ?

  • Low self-confidence and feeling unsexy?

  • Feeling blocked in your creativity and know there is more to be ignited from within you?

  • Always faking orgasms, have always been a people pleaser and don't know how to set boundaries? 

  • Do you depend on your partner for all your sexual needs? 


​When women come to me with no desire for a sensual life, I’m not surprised.

All over the world, women are suffering from the debilitating condition of not having enough (or any) sexual pleasure in their lives.

The effects of a dull vagina and unfulfilling sex life spill over into everything: your relationship, your career, your family, your friends.

Everything gets pulled into this vortex and affects your quality of life.

And really, what woman would want to have sex when they can’t even feel anything!?!

What we will do together 

This really is a journey of self mastery, you will learn how to find the underlying root cause of your pain/holding back on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. 


You will solve the pain with various different tools,  re-program your nervous system and re-wire your neuronal pathways to be able to cope with change, stress and adversity.


 We live in a world of constant change, even more so now with the shit show thats happening externally around us,  being able to adapt , building resilience, becoming emotionally balanced and being strongly grounded in the real you (everything we didn't get taught at school) it the basis of building everything you desire you in your life. 


We work to adapt your current  daily life by changing the function of the brain through your body and replace ineffective strategies and behaviors with more effective ones that will allow you to fully thrive and reach your maximum human potential.

This is really life changing.

I have taken the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, deep-rooted embodiment work, and coaching methods, and blend them with the ancient & powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism (Jade Egg Practices), and Sacred Sexuality, it's a pretty powerful mix. 

Alongside this, we will work with a combination of holistic tools like ton's of deep breath work sessions, pleasure practices, trauma healing, meditative practices, energy work, sounding, and movement methods that offer a completely unique approach to healing the nervous system and awakening sexuality.

  • Fully explore and awaken your authentic sexuality in a safe environment while creating a strong sense of safety within the body.

  • Work with practices that create a sensational focus in the vagina, pelvis, and throughout the body enabling you to rewire and refire neuronal pathways to create pleasure.


  • We will be taking a deep dive into transformational Breathwork sessions each week where we will work with areas in the body that are holding onto stagnant emotions or trauma blockages and you will learn how to release on a nervous system level. 

  • My favorite jam is teaching people to use Breathwork and Tantra as a supercharger for their pleasure, I have created a unique process that guides you to aliveness and full on power. 

  • Uncover and fully understand your blockages holding you back from thriving in all areas of our life.

  • Work with vaginal reflexology to release stuck trauma and open up the body for sensuous energy to flow.

  • Train your vagina to orgasm through deep penetration and experience incredible G-spot and cervical orgasms.

  • Give your vagina the workout she needs to stay in shape with pelvic floor exercises which promote vibrant health and prevent her from aging.

  • Release trauma from ex-lovers, and sexual abuse, or negative body conditioning so that you can feel fresh and clear again.

  • Learn how to open up your body to the experience of energy orgasms that allows you to have energy all day long.

  • Become part of a tribe of women who are focused on transforming their energy into a magnetic, sexy state. 

  • Leave behind your outdated sexual conditioning and liberate yourself into the true wild sexual expression of you.

  • Get to really know the ‘true’ you through thought-provoking journaling questions each week that allow you to discover what society, your parents and past relationships have taught you and delve into the truth of your being.

Be the kind of women you would be inspired by.

What will our work look like together 


You will embody being a different Queen so you can expand further and further into your pure authentic essence.


This is a profound submersion into intimately exploring your own sexuality, heart, and connection.

You will explore your deepest fears and hurts alongside learning how to cultivate your greatest inner gifts that live inside of you as a woman.

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We’ll work from an understanding that we are all sensual beings

with a tremendous capacity for love and connection.

 WE will incorporate lots of jade egg, tantra and breathwork


watch this to get the low down on breathwork


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''Reporting on another accomplishment, honestly I had such an incredible night with my husband which usually happens once every 6 months because I don’t usually have desire. The next thing was I found myself saying things in my life that I have never said, I was honoring my pussy. The biggest thing was I just fully let go and let my husbands just completely pleasure me, that has never happened, I just lay there and experienced pleasure which has never happened before, I cried so hard afterwards, like holy shit, im not broken, things are coming back, this is exciting, so it was a huge moment with me’’.

‘’My vagina has actually started talking to me. I used to be such a people pleaser and now she speaks first and clenches tight when she a big fat no to people. It’s rather extraordinary but finally I’m living my life from my body not my head. It's like this whole new world has opened up I never knew existed. ‘’