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awaken your sacred sexuality,
deeply connect with your body and vagina and become a confidant sexual superstar.

When a woman is detached from her sexuality,

her body and her vagina, she is living AT a tremendous disadvantage. 

Being stuck in your head and disconnected from the sensations in your body ensures a big block to you being able to tune into your sexual pleasure and sexual energy. 

Women come to me over and over again with no desire for sex. 

Women all over the world are suffering from not having enough pleasure-filled sexual energy in their lives. 

The knock-on effects of this pour over into all areas of their lives, relationships, careers, dating, friendships, health and finances. 

Everything gets affected by this and greatly affects your ability to live at your greatest potential. 

And what women would want to have sex and intimacy if she can’t feel anything, or experiences pain or very little pleasure? 

Our bodies and vaginas are magical, they have their own wisdom, they know their boundaries, they create life force energy, they can experience cosmic states of pleasure and infinite amounts of deep, rich orgasms and I mean they give birth, enough said! 


And every single woman has the capability to switch her inbuilt power source

fully on.

In this unique and magical program you will: 

  • Focus on a different theme each week that is designed to elevate you into space where you get to be a sacred sexual superstar. 


  • Apply my most accelerating,  life-changing, empowering practices which are a unique combination of breathwork, jade egg pleasure and healing tools, scared rituals and deeply transformative sexual mediations. 

  • Be in a safe, supportive, scared container in a global sisterhood.

If you are ready to claim to your unique sexual expression that’s authentic, that feel’s magnificent on the inside and out….

Then this is the program for you.

Here's what we will do together in the

7-week virtual container. 


get outta that head and into ya body! 

Learn the key practice for tuning into being connected to your body.
Develop focus so you can switch awareness in your sexual experience.


A breathwork session to become more embodied and in touch with your sensations, pleasure and relaxation through breathing, focusing, sounding and movement.


Heart and Vagina Love Activation 

Foundational Practise for activating pussy love and self-love.

 Open to the healing and energizing potential of your vagina.

Learn how to make your breasts more sensitive and orgasmic. 


A deep inner inquiry breathwork session to release anything holding you back of you fully opening and expanding your bodies capacity to feel love.



Embody the 4 foundations of holistic sex to activate your energy body so you can experience infinite pleasure and be in tune with your body's wisdom. 

 Wake up your pussy so she can start talking to you.


A powerful session to support you to get out of your head during sex and into a sensually surrendered state.

A strong breath practise is key to having the greatest sexual experiences.



Learn how to release any pain/tension/numbness in the vagina through de-armouring.

Cleanse any old emotional baggage from previous unhealthy experiences relating to your sexuality and relationships.


Dive into working with the areas in the body and nervous system where there are any stagnant emotions or trauma blockages holding you back from reaching your maximum sexual potential.



Cultivate free-flowing sexual energy in the body to experience deep states of sexual ecstasy.

Learn how to alchemise and refine that energy to fuel your life's work.


An invigorating breathwork session that supercharges your sensual energy body.

You will learn how to transmute this energy to use for up-levelling your everyday life.



Having a powerful pussy is all about having the most pleasure-filled, articulate, passionate, awake, and sensitive pussy you can ever have.

Work to create strength, muscular tone and even flexibility inside of the pelvic floor and inside the vagina.


I will guide you to vibrate and rewire every part of your body so it’s onboard for you getting what you really want. Release what's holding you back from fully being in your power and get ready to break into your light and magnificence.



Play with the core components or orgasm, shake up your definition of orgasm and master the geography of orgasm in your body. Become a sexual superstar and use your orgasms as your infinite power source.


Turn up the volume on your orgasmic experience and explore your natural sexual expression as you elevate your whole being through this mind-blowing, body shaking breathwork session.

Here's what the program will look like.....


- Weekly guided audios of jade egg / vaginal activating and strengthening practices

- Guided meditations to heal and reconnect with your sexual, power and pleasure​ authentic expression

- All practises unlocked daily on an app so you can stay on track very easily. 

- 7 x weekly LIVE online 1.5 hr transformative breathwork sessions with Angharad (Recordings available) 

- FB group with global sisterhood support 

- You will be shipped a nephrite jade egg

The Jade Egg 

  • The jade egg is an egg-shaped crystal made of genuine Nephrite jade, which is a very dense crystal. Jade is stronger than steel so it’s the top-recommended crystal for vaginal use.


  • This is a healing tool that you insert into the vagina to internally massage the vaginal walls, its basically reflexology, which awakens the neural brain, pleasure and energy pathways inside of the tissue.


  • It also helps you heal from sexual shame or trauma since women store almost all of their trauma or blocks in their sexual regions, especially the vagina.


  • The jade egg also helps you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which reduces incontinence and deepens your pleasure and orgasmic potential.



  • Now if this is all sounding a little ‘woo woo’ for you, I get it. At first, I laughed and was like, ‘’You really want me to put an egg up my vagina”


  • After 2 weeks I stopped laughing as the benefits came flooding through!

  • To simple it down into modern-day terms the jade egg practises are basically a holistic form of yoga for the vagina.

The benefits of using a jade egg are vast, unique and POWERFUL!

  • Increases sexual self-confidence

  • Enhances orgasmic pleasure

  • Boosts energy, it has been my coffee replacement

  • Increases the love you have for your body

  • Sexual healing - With proper support and guidance from a trained practitioner, the Jade Egg may also be used to clear past lovers or gently heal sexual abuse and trauma.

  • It trains the pelvic floor muscles

  • Balances hormones

  • Improves chronic yeast infections, prolapse, dryness caused by menopause

  • Helps heal after birth wounding or issue caused from the birthing process·

  • Improves chronic numbness

  • Glowing skin

  • Helps massively with low libido

  • Creates bliss, joy and happiness – it can be an anti-depressant

  • Spiritual awakening and enlightenment can be a factor

  • Activates different types of orgasms - clitoral, g-spot, cervical, energetic—yes there is such a thing!)



Breathwork is my jam!


It's an 'off the scale' powerful therapy that helps open the body and mind from areas that have shutdown into a place of freedom! PLEASURE is a big part of this journey.


I am a highly qualified breathwork practitioner having supported thousands of people facilitating workshops, online and a big part of my 1:1 client work is online deep inner inquiry breathwork sessions.


We will work with 7 specific times of breathwork in this course:








Learn about the life-changing breathwork here

Success stories 

Love Letters & Breakthroughs

IMG_8085 copy.jpg

''Reporting on another accomplishment, honestly, I had such an incredible night with my husband which usually happens once every 6 months because I don’t usually have the desire.


The next thing was I found myself saying things in my life that I have never said, I was honouring my pussy.


The biggest thing was I just fully let go and let my husbands just completely pleasure me, that has never happened, I just lay there and experienced pleasure which has never happened before, I cried so hard afterwards, like holy shit, I'm not broken, things are coming back, this is exciting, so it was a huge moment with me’’.


Keeley -  Teacher -Mexico


‘’My vagina has actually started talking to me. I used to be such a people pleaser and now she speaks first and clenches tight when she a big fat no to people. It’s rather extraordinary but finally, I’m living my life from my body, not my head. It's like this whole new world has opened up I never knew existed. ‘’

Anna - Therapist - UK 


Angharad is a total badass and a powerful transmitter of all things sexuality and embodiment. 

Her unique combination of sexual practice mixed with breathwork is a cut above anything I’ve experienced. 

Her Liberate Your Glow program is profoundly life-changing.


Every single woman should experience what Angharad teaches. 

If women practised this consistently there would be a lot more empowered, confidant women in this world who would actually be having the great sex they desire. 

Caroline Diaco - Footwear Publisher - New York 

My vagina has awakened and it is extraordinary. I NOW LOVE MY VAGINA. 

I have struggled with the way I look since I was 12.


Years of self-hatred, lack of confidence resulted in the sexual shutdown and me HATING my vagina. 

I love how this program got me out of my judgy, thinking brain, into my body which really helped me to feel more confident in my body, this is a HUGE shift for me.

And to top it off I love how this is connected with the spiritual elements, coming from a more sacred space has allowed me to be in this deeper connection with all aspects of my being. 

Dr Felicity Moore - UK

Since the beginning of Angharad's program, I have given myself G-Spot orgasms and learnt how to squirt.

My vagina feels stronger than ever and I've learnt how to move this insane energy through my body. Rather unbelievable. 


I have actually got into breast massage which has connected me deeper with my heart opening and my boyfriend told me this week he thinks my tits have gotten bigger!

I also love how the program has helped me connect with my sacred sexual energy. This was the first time that I have received guided techniques to increase and contain my sexual energy. This course was a reminder of how much our sexual power is attached to attracting things in your life. Magic has been happening. 

I am more confident than ever in going for my greatest desires and knowing they will come to me. 

Thanks, Angharad!

Emily Sanco - Journalist - San Franciso, US



Weekly guided audios of jade egg practises

Guided meditations to heal and reconnect with your sexual, power and pleasure​ authentic expression

All practices unlocked daily on an app so you can stay on track very easily. 

7 x weekly LIVE online 1.5 hr transformative breathwork sessions with Angharad (Recordings available) 


- You will be shipped a nephrite jade egg (£79 value) 

- My Jade Egg Set Up Guide (£49 value)

- Fb group with global sisterhood support (£300 value )


Womb Healing Meditation (£29 value)

Queen of Sex Journal Prompts (£49 value)

Sexual Superstar Jade Egg Practise (£49)


investment £499