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private mentorship


Be the you you were born to be 

A highly individualised and tailored naturalistic and neurobiological, body-oriented approach to healing trauma and other stress-related disorders to restore your authentic self with self-regulation, relaxation, wholeness, and aliveness.

Overcome any obstacle standing between you and what you want, 
even if you have tried everything and still don't have the answer, 
iI'm here to ensure you get that change. 

This is deep experiential work that requires commitment and willingness.
The freedom that comes from this guided exploration of deeper layers of self IS profoundly life-changing. 

This private mentorship program enhances and evolves the quality of your relationships (to yourself, purpose, ideas, beliefs, romantic relationships and all of life) through proven methodologies of neuroscience, breathwork, neural rewiring practices, ancient esoteric principles of Tantra and Taoism, western psychology and deepened spiritual practices.

I work with men and women to help them understand themselves and draw all formats of healthy relationships into their lives through an intimate exploration of self. 


What do you know about who you truly are and what you deeply desire?

Are you living in line with your purpose? 

Do you feel lost and not connected to yourself, where you do not know who you are and why you behave the way you do? 
Are you jumpy or easily triggered these days?
Are you riddled or consumed by fear, perceived limitations and confusion?
Do you lack inspiration, direction, understanding of yourself and motivation in your life and do you feel that the path you are on is not for you and not where you intrinsically know you need to be?

Do you feel exhausted, anxious or overwhelmed?

what is the mentorship?


The private mentorship is a unique combination of my life's work.

My own traumatic experiences led me to study neuroscience psychology, somatic trauma therapy, breathwork, sex, love and relationship dynamics, and ancient Taoist and Tantric healing practices.


I've now supported over 8,000 clients over the years of my successful coaching applications. 

My approach releases traumatic shock from the nervous system and restores connection, which is key to transforming the wounds of emotional and early developmental attachment trauma and long-term collective stress. 
Trauma may begin as acute stress from a perceived life threat or as the end product of cumulative stress.
Both types of stress can seriously impair a person's ability to function with resilience and ease and live in the here and now. 
I see trauma result from a wide variety of stressors such as accidents, invasive medical procedures, sexual or physical assault, emotional abuse, neglect, war, racial discrimination, oppression, natural disasters, loss, birth trauma, or the corrosive stressors of ongoing fear, conflict, and chronic shaming.

let me ask you.....

This is a method to ignite change that lasts a lifetime, NOT just a few weeks.

You don’t have to know the facts of your story to be able to reprogram the symptoms or the outcomes.

I teach you how to build a nervous system resilience so in situations of conflict you can ultimately be happier and more at home in your own body.

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how this differs from talk therapy

The traumatic event isn't what causes long-lasting trauma; it is the overwhelming trapped response to the perceived life threat that is causing an imbalanced nervous system. 
Through somatic breathwork and embodiment practices, the aim is to help you access the body's memory of the event, not the story. This is where you go deeper than talk therapy which, when used alone, is not always sufficient to heal stress and trauma.
Talk therapy mainly targets the "thinking" parts of the brain – specifically, our prefrontal cortex. And while this might provide some short-term relief, it often doesn't resolve the core physiological damage that drives your trauma and stress symptoms.
We work to diffuse the power of the narrative and remap the body's memory to regain aliveness and flow.

In my vast experience, it takes nine months to remap the whole body so you can come to the place of being so blown away and in love with the person you waltz through the world as day to day. 
If you are serious about finally LIVING with ease and resilience, a deeper, longer commitment is necessary. 


bottom up processing

A private mentorship program is a body-first approach to dealing with trauma's problematic (and often physical) symptoms.

It helps you create new experiences in your body that contradict those of tension and overwhelming helplessness. 

This means that healing isn't about reclaiming memories or changing our thoughts and beliefs about how we feel.

It's about exploring the sensations that lie underneath our feelings and ideas, as well as our habitual behaviour patterns.

I have clients who are off all their medications, no longer suffer from panic attacks, have relieved years of chronic pain, wake up each day anxiety free, and are no longer haunted by a traumatic past. 

"From my first encounter with Angharad's work, my life's journey shifted profoundly. Not only did I undergo deep healing, but I also became rejoined with my body to truly experience life to its fullest.


Angharad's knowledge through her mentorship program has opened a new world for me where science, the psyche, and spiritual growth came together. Though I came to this wonderful work later in life, it has gifted me a life with meaning and authentic purpose."

"I can, with great confidence, say: Anxiety and Depression are not a life sentence, but temporary discomfort. Healing is not only possible but inevitable alongside Angharad."


Conscious Mentorship creates evolutionary wholeness within you by transforming yourself so profoundly that the 'older' self becomes almost unrecognisable.

It is for those genuinely wishing to dive deep into themselves in the most supportive manner possible.


You will realise that who you are is not who you truly want to be and that being guided with precise tools and sincere support and compassion will make you live in fullness, wellness, wholeness and integrity.

Now, the one-on-one framework, processes, breathwork, em

bodiment practices and systems utilised in this exclusively tailored personal mentorship program are combined with intuitive connection, deep journeying into yourself and the power of a profound and authentic human connection we shall create.

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With me being your mentor, you will have direct, consistent, regular access, authentic leadership and support in communicating, problem-solving, understanding yourself, receiving feedback, gaining greater insight into your needs, breaking through pain points, navigating your way through your key relationships and expressing yourself with alignment, courage and clarity.

We share ideas, go into greater depth exploring concepts embedded within your reality, and spend time together deconstructing your life and building you back up again in a very supported, nurtured, empowered and honest manner.

We engage in many inner topics such as inner-child healing, mother/father healing, sacred sexuality, your deepest fears, emotional liberation, boundaries, energetic power, strategies and tools for dealing with a challenge, coping with fears and working with the shadows. Through all this, you will learn to become a ninja at mastering your emotions. 

We will clear the clutter of the past, tap into “unfelt” feelings from painful and traumatic experiences, and help you release them from your mind and body, leveraging neuroscience, breathwork, neuro-empowerment practices, and many other modalities. 


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you be something else is the greatest accomplishment.


The program is a 9-month immersive, where we communicate via Zoom. 


We meet every 2 weeks (twice per month) for the deep dive sessions which are between 75-90 minutes.

In between each session you will have the opportunity to complete the tailored ‘Self-Work’ you are provided on your own personal online platform. 


This will include informative masterclasses on topics we work through, guided breathwork sessions to rewire your neural pathways, reading, meditations, habitual changes, deeper reflection practices, challenges and more. 


The week in between the deep dives we meet for a 30 minute check in to support you with your revelations and self work. 

IMPORTANTLY: You will also have extensive support from me in between each session via Whatsapp. 


This means if you have a question, a issue or problem requiring attention or an important share, we get to work with it in “real-time” where you can voice note, email or message me. 


This support is invaluable for our 1 on 1 coaching and your overall growth and journey.


This program is for those who wish to:

  • Up-level their lives in every way

  • Forge their true path and release their past

  • Create a deeper relationship to sacred sexuality

  • Get over pain, move through fear and step in to their greatness

  • Live with an inner frame work. ofpeace

  • Lead in a more robust way (leaders and executives)

Client Stories

''If you are feeling broken, anxious or insecure - Angharad is the women for you'' .

'' Working with Angharad has been magical and life changing. Before working together, I was struggling with issues in my relationship. I felt like I was broken and that the anxiety, insecurity, and hopelessness I had about being in a healthy relationship would never go away.

I had been in traumatic relationships before, and didn’t even realize that those traumas were being carried with me still. Angharad helped me see that with gentleness, forgiveness, and most importantly – strength to move from my old patterns. 


Since working with her, I’ve felt more at ease, comfort, and love with myself and who I am. The anxiety has waned. The insecurity is fading. I’m not afraid that I’m broken anymore. In fact, I feel like I’m approaching the world in a stronger mentality than I could have ever imagined.''

mark pyket -  UK


Please note there are only 3 spaces for private mentorship per year. 

9 month exCLUSIVE private mentorship program 

For clients on my private mentorship program i also offer the opportunity to do an intensive 'in person' immersion with me, including your family and freinds if desired, 

(Subject to addition costs).

HOW TO take the first steps


Fill out your application form here, it lets me know what    your want to work towards.


Keep an eye on your email, you will receive an email from: hello@angharadowen.com


We will schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult. We’ll spend an hour together getting clear on what you want, what’s in the way, and what’s next. Even if we decide working together isn’t the right fit, you’ll leave with some clarity, resources and a sense of what to do next.


We shall have our chit chat, we shall take the time to make sure we are the perfect fit for each other before you commit. 

Then we work out the perfect time to start and get going on our journey! 







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