Magical, Mind Shifting 

APPROACH that supports you to master your emotions and discover your full

 Pleasure Potential

SO YOU CAN use it to

unlock your creativity

revel in epic relationships

relish financial success

create a precious relationship with yourself

Sexual empowerment COACH


Calling a time out on the idea that your EMOTIONS and SEXUALITY are just as they are and they are not something you have to WORK on.


Hey there!
I'm Angharad.

Do you desire deeper connection in your life? Do you have a deep yearning to feel more alive and turned on? Would more creative flow and a deep sense of wholeness allow you to start seriously thriving in all areas of your life? 

Have you been doing a lot of the inner work but still feel there's something not quite clicking? 

I'm here to help you revolutionize the relationship you have with yourself by supporting you to cultivate what's already deep within you. 

I believe a thriving intimate relationship with yourself is more than just how you perform in the bedroom, its the basis of how you feel inside each day, its how you show yourself love, it's how intimate you can allow yourself be in friendships and relationships, and it spans right across to sparking your creative juices so you can create the careers and life you truly want to live.I'll guide you through clearing out all the darkness thats been holding you back and show you how to replace it with what your biggest, wildest desires maybe through mastering your emotional ecology and rewiring your system to shine working from a basis of pleasure. 

Everything I do gives you the real life tools to unlock your full potential so that you can easily incorporate in your everyday busy life AND we shall laugh, cry, scream, rage and shout hell yes's from the rooftops as we are doing it.

My mission is to empower YOU to become the creator of YOUR emotional wellbeing

so YOU can step into sensual, aliveness

within YOUR body and finally start living

a full and extraordinary pleasure filled life.


  • Done a lot of healing work and are wondering why you still have not got to where you FULLY desire to be in your life?

  • Been searching for wisdom outside of yourself instead of cultivating and trusting what’s deep within your body? 


  • Been seeking approval from else where? Going along with other peoples belief instead of finding your own and OWNING them?


  • Been focusing too much on what's wrong instead of working on what you want more of? 

Are you STILL experiencing? 

  • Feelings of shut down within your body and areas of your life?

  • A desire for a more vibrant, pleasure filled life?


  • A lack of self love and self acceptance?


  • Continual anxiety and an inability to just be you?


  • Struggles feeling your true emotions?


  • Getting stuck in old patterns?


  • Low levels of sexual desire?


  • Chronic feelings of shame around your sexuality?


  • Struggles in your relationships?


  • Feelings of holding past trauma in your body?


  • Feelings of being uncomfortable and un-sexy in the bedroom?


  • A knowing that you're not having the most EPIC sex you know deep down is possible?


  • Painful sex?

If you are experiencing any of the above, this means there is a deeper level of healing that needs to take place to allow YOU the freedom you deserve.

Don't despair, I've got your back! 

I'm here to support you to change your life forever. 

What makes me different?

Let me get a little nerdy. The key to true healing and radical SUSTAINABLE change, is to work with integrating all 3 parts of the brain, mastering your emotions and focusing on a deep healing of the nervous system. I combine the deeper healing work with pleasure which activates the positive neuronal pathways in the brain. 

My coaching method takes the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and modern talk therapy, and blends them with the ancient & powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism, and Sacred Sexuality, it's a pretty powerful mix. 

I work with a combination of holistic tools like breath work, pleasure practices, trauma healing, meditative practices, energy work, sounding, and movement methods that offers a completely unique approach to healing the nervous system and awakening sexuality.

When people start to work with my methods they start to appreciate things on a deeper level. They become more excited, more hopeful, confidant, creative and gain a deeper sense of being again. 

Choose Your Journey




A tailor-made 10 week program of exploration together where we will break through any past trauma patterns and emotional blockages that are holding you back and step you into your greatest desires and full pleasure capacity.

This journey is deeply personal and you will learn tools that you can call upon for the rest of your life. 




A 12 week journey to unlock your sexual shut downs and to transform into having a supercharged sexuality. We combine talk therapy, neuroscience, the jade egg, ancient taoist practice's, weekly group calls, journaling and amplify it with breath work.

You will also be become part of a 'supercharge your sexuality' sisterhood where women support women to thrive. 




Bio dynamic Breath work is a unique, powerful therapy that helps open the body and mind up from its areas of shutdown into a place of freedom and pleasure. Working with the areas in the body and nervous system where there are stagnant emotions or trauma blockages.  We will work on releasing these, ready to replace them with feelings of joy, self-love, deep relaxation, sensuality and best of all empowering your body and mind.




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One of my favourite past times is working with wellness retreats to tailor make workshops for their guests to be blown away! 

After healing naturally from 3 life threatening diseases it is very close to my heart to share a space with people putting their wellness first and being able to empower others to live their best, healthiest lives possible. 

Client Storie's

''Angharad helped me to finally conceive.'' 

'' I was feeling completely lost and depressed on my journey trying to conceive for 2 years.

 I had never experienced any of these modalities before and felt nervous but Angharad made me feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. She created a safe space where I felt like I was able to really open up about my emotions in ways I didn't actually realise were possible for me.


The sessions that I had, provided so much more than an opportunity to heal my reproductive organs. They gave me the desperately needed opportunity to release the stress and anxiety I had built up around my situation, that had become so deeply rooted they were subconscious to me. This was critical to my healing and saved me from plunging into severe depression.

5 months on and I've recently had the first scan of my baby. I cant say whether it was the jade egg or the emotional release that worked and honestly who cares , this has literally changed my life forever.''



Become the most vibrant person you know


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We’ll spend sometime together getting clear on what your desires are, what’s currently  blocking you from achieving them, and what exciting things could be next.


Even if we decide working together isn’t the right fit, you’ll leave with some clarity, resources and a sense of what to do next.



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